Friday, August 24, 2012

"Looks Like You'll Be Here Awhile"

I got caught.

My insurance company caught me. 
My car insurance is for South Carolina but my car was registered in NH. Apparently that didn't fly so I got an e-mail that I could potentially be un-insurable.


So I went and paid the tax, and then registered my car, and then got a new license. My hair was poofy and I was working on 3 hours of sleep. I am convinced I will never take a good license picture. Except, I liked my very first license picture. I was really happy and I got my license on Christmas Eve.

The lady who registered my car was blown away by how expensive it was in NH to register and then said, "no wonder your education is so much better." I almost laughed out loud.  

I may have begrudgingly and with a heavy heart, taken my NH plates off Jasper (my car) and then I may have glared at the SC plate and with disgust as I screwed it on. Apparently you only need a back plate in SC. I am trying to decided which Boston plate I will get to represent home for the front of my car. Red Sox (trading Gonz to the Dodgers?? For the love. The Sox have got to get their act together)? Pats? Celtics?  

Anyway. Two days later I was getting into my car and my neighbor was walking his dog and commented that I had changed my plates and then said, "looks like you'll be here awhile."

....I have no comment. 

Tomorrow I'm going to my first zumba class. I thought I'd give it a try. I'm excited. Except I have NO idea what to expect. I hope it's fun. THEN I'm going to the farmer's market. I'm hoping to get some peaches and nectarines for cheeeeap because I want to make either a peach or nectarine balsamic pizza (thank you pinterest!). Also I'd like some tomatoes because I basically could eat tomato, mozzarella, basil anything (pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, mixed together with balsamic dressing) everyday. Then I'm finally going to Brookgreen Gardens for the afternoon to meander through several gardens, including a butterfly house!!!, and then I might run 6.5 miles; we'll see how I'm feeling after zumba.. I've been inconsistent with my running schedule. Life happens. But I'm going to be ready for my half in October. My longest run so far has been 10 miles so I'm doing well, at least that's what I've been told by some veteran marathon runners and hey!, I'll take that. 

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