Sunday, September 23, 2012

L'automne est arrivé



It's my favorite, FAVORITE, FAVORITE SEASON!!!!
Naturally, I'm a *tad* ecstatic. Happy thoughts of butternut squash, pumpkins, cinnamon, Halloween, crunchy leaves, boot, scarves, and sweaters dance through my head daily and it makes me a very happy redhead. Though it's slow to arrive in South Carolina, there is a tree or two that is beginning to shed its leaves and Scotty and I make a special effort to walk underneath these trees to crunch the leaves. Blissful happiness my friends. I do love fall ever so much. 

I have much to catch up on so this may be a modge podge of 411s, random thoughts, you know, your typical Gabe post. 

First of all. I am now a quarter of a century old. 
That's right. I had a birthday. 25 years old!!!!
I was tempted to start building up my supply of assistive devices, canes, a tricked-out walker with tennis balls, maybe start saving up for an electric wheelchair...I'm joking.
But I did get something snazzy: a new beach cruiser

I mean the seat alone tells you how cool it is, right? Right? Am I right? It basically screams my name. I knew we were meant to be. Her name is Roxy.

I was inspired to get her by my pal Amy who also purchased a new beach cruiser (named Betty). For our maiden voyages, last Saturday we biked from Amy's house to a famer's market and back. We mapped it: a whoppin' 12 miles! Rock on! It was a great ride except we had to take a very busy road there and that was stressful. Also my beach cruiser is a one speed but I was still flying down the street to get to a side street and off the crazy road. On our way back we found an alternative route which took a bunch of side streets. I might take a little longer but we preferred this to riding, what is practically, a highway. So yesterday we made the trek again, but on the back roads. It is such a fun ride. I love having a bike!!!! 

For my birthday, my friends and I went to a Thai restaurant. It was somuchfun!!!! The company was superb and I haven't laughed that much in a while. My friend Amy, who I work with and is our newest dietitian, is hysterical. We are pretty similar in that we are both pretty outgoing, peppy, hyper, and we have a similar sense of humor so the two of us together makes for a grand time laced with gut-bustin' laughter. 

 After dinner (last Saturday night), I headed to my friend Greg's apartment to watch "the Holy War," the BYU vs. Utah football game (no I do not want to talk about the game...but yes I will continue to make fun of the Utah fans for rushing the field and getting called out for it because the game wasn't over...twice...bahahaha). Greg and Amanda made date shakes. Yes dates, the fruit. I was skeptical but they were pretty tasty. 

Then, because it was after midnight and the game was still going (the 3 hour time difference is killing me trying to watch these games), we had (virgin) margharitas. 

Then, on my actual birthday, Amy came over for dinner. I made sweet potato gnocchi from the sweet potatoes I got at the farmer's market and made a cinnamon brown butter sauce.
Thankfully, I made enough to put some in the freezer. I will be making these again!

I supplied the main course and Amy brought dessert: layered birthday cake in a mason jar! CUTE! It was a vanilla cake with peanut butter chips and chocolate frosting. We indulged while watching "How To Train A Dragon." All in all, a fabulous evening. 

And I bough myself these beauts (with a gift card from my birthday last year...)

Yesterday I ran 4 miles in the morning, headed to Amy's for our 12 mile ride to and from the farmer's market, and then we headed to Old Time Pottery for some shopping. I hadn't found anything until we were rummaging through the art section and I stumbled upon this:
A bit cheesy perhaps but I loved it and immediately knew it was perfect for this nook in my kitchen that desperately needed some artwork. I like it a lot. 

Then I went home and made homemade wheat thins and brought them over to Amy's where we ate them with rosemary and garlic, peach, and pumpkin pie goat cheese while watching "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

I even brought Scotty along to join us. He loved the field trip! Amy even made dog biscuits and had a few for him to eat. Spoiled pooch!

And now that is it officially fall, I am indulging in fall recipes like a crazed woman. A very happy craved woman. So today I made pumpkin butterscotch/chocolate chip blondies.  

They are gooooood. 

Off to take Scotty for a walk before Sunday dinner. 

For your viewing pleasure: a video of Scotty and his new toys.  

P.S. Music to Youtube (if you like accordians/Parisian feeling music): Pearl Django. I recommend "The Conversation" GREAT baking music!


Erica said...

First of all... happy birthday! Second of all you look amazing! I love that purple color on you and your long hair is beautiful! Glad you're doing so well and loving this time of year :)

123 said...
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Shannon Gish said...

Gabe. The bike is SO YOU! I love it. Happy belated quarter-of-a-century birthday! Wish we all could have been there for the b-day celebration. Loveyourguts!

Stormin' Mormon said...
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Stormin' Mormon said...

GABESTER!!!!!! :D your blog is awesome. It was on my favorites bar for some reason... No idea where it came from but now I can creep on your life even more. Mwahaha

his little lady said...

Oh my gosh, this sounds and looks absolutely delicious!!!
xo TJ