Monday, October 8, 2012

Why Hello.

I'm wearing a sweater.
I'm WEARING a sweater.
I'm wearing A SWEATER!!!!!!

I woke up and it was 57 degrees. I flung my covers over and exclaimed, "It's chilly!!!!" and then I did a happy dance. My dog once again has proof that I'm a goofball (most some of the time). Granted it was still 72 degrees in my apartment but the breeze coming through my room was chilly and I was BURSTING with happiness. Literally. Grinning from ear to ear. I practically skipped out the door when I took Scotty out. I had on a jacket and it was chilly, gloomy, overcast with threats of rain looming in the air. PERFECT. PERFECT! I had the day off today and I just love this weather (every once in a while. Let's not get crazy).  
You see, it was a whopping 84 degrees and humid on Saturday. 
Be gone summer, be gone. Out! Scoot! Shoo! You're time is over. Buh-bye. See you in 2013.

Before I continue about my day, my half marathon is in 13 days. Whoa baby. So Saturday was my long run. My peak run. I was scheduled to run 10 but I ran... 

I've never ran that many miles in one time in my life. Well, maybe during high school 2-a-day basketball practices in the beginning of the season but that doesn't count. 

I was really surprised I did it and that I did it in under 2 hours. The last mile was a killer and it was so hot. I started at 9am and I kept running east so the sun was beating on me, sweat was getting into my eyes and in my ears so my earbuds kept popping out (so annoying), and I got lost a few times despite having previously mapped and studied my route. I ran down one of the main roads and through a bunch of winding neighborhoods I hadn't been through before and I couldn't remember which roads I had mapped so I kept asking if I was supposed to go up this road or down or turn left. Oh boy. My quads were cramping the last 1/2 mile and my calves were talking to me but it was a blast. It felt so good! I wouldn't say I loved or that I really love running but I love how I feel the last bit of a run and how I feel afterward. I'm beginning to love it. Totally worth it. I'm pumped for my half marathon. I'm running a 10K Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day and have my eyes on another half in February. My goal is a full marathon next year because then I'll run 26 miles and will be 26 years old. Cool huh? Yeah, yeah, well one race at a time. Let's hope I survive this half marathon first. 

So random bits and the latest and greatest. 
-I saw "Hotel Transylvania" on Saturday. OHMYGOSH so cute! I loved it! I might buy it when it comes out of DVD. I'd recommend it. Cute, funny, sweet story. The last song of the movie had me in fits of giggles. Go see it. 

-I'm contemplating going back to school to get my Master's a Physician's Assistant. I'm a little nervous to "let the cat out of the bag" but I'm serious about it and have started shadowing one the physicians I work with and his PA. I LOVE it. Seriously, I think I found my calling in life. Don't get me wrong. I like and enjoy being a dietitian but I LOVE working with the doctor and his PA. Basically I revert back to my 5-year old self and can't get enough of the stuff they tell me. I shadowed them for about 5 hours last week and left their office absolutely elated and giddy. I got to shadow again for a few hours today and I just love it. I can't wait to know as much as they do. Plus I have tremendous respect and admiration for this physician and his PA. I hope to be like them. The doctor doesn't suffer from "God Syndrome" and he's totally down to earth and nice, but authoritative and blimey brilliant. He knows so much!!! I'm hoping to start applying to places next fall. I hope I get accepted somewhere and get to make this happen. You have no idea. I am madly in love with this plan. I am thrilled with the idea, the mere thought of it. Fingers (and toes and eyes and knees and, stars, and, and whatever else can cross!!!) crossed it happens!

-I'm going to be baking like a madwoman tomorrow (because I also have tomorrow off...muahahah gotta love having personal and vacation days leftover to use!) because...I CAN. I love baking. It's a stress reliever and it makes me really happy. Last week I made salted caramel cupcakes with a caramel buttercream frosting for some of the nurses I work with who had a bake sale for a breast cancer walk on Saturday. They were actually really good. I was nervous they wouldn't turn out, especially since my friend Amy and I made the caramel ourselves and I've never down it before (scary!!!). The caramel didn't come out perfectly but it worked perfectly and tasted good. I made extras for the nurses to have so Friday we went over to one of the nurse's houses to decorate all of the cupcakes and the cupcakes were a smashing success. I was so relieved. Maybe someday I'll open a bakery. I think that would be really fun. Actually I've decided to send out some fall packages...because I can. And who doesn't like receiving a little parcel in the mail? Especially filled with some fall goodies???

-I'm going to a matinee movie tomorrow to see "Frankenweenie." I love going to the movies by myself, so, I am. I'm wicked excited about it. I heard the movie was cute and it's Halloween time (fall/Halloween is probably my favorite time of year. Just a smidge above Christmas. Just a smidge!). 

-Some friends and I are going to see "Pitch Perfect" on Wednesday. We've been counting down the weeks until this movie opened! Yes I know it was released on Friday but our schedules worked better to see it this week. I am REALLY excited to see this!!!! I love a capella. 

-My pal Amy and I spontaneously got frozen yogurt (shocker!) for dinner tonight. She called me coming home from crossfit and of course I said yes. I'm pretty much a regular at Orange Leaf now. It's almost embarrassing...not really though. They have new flavors: oatmeal cookie and caramel apple. I topped it with granola, chocolate covered rains, and some chopped almonds. DELISH! Then we chatted for about an hour. Amy is HILARIOUS! Oh my gosh. Gut bustin' laughter every time we are together. I love it. We worked together on Friday and it was just the two of us and people should videotape the two of us together because it is one comic experience. Oh good grief. It's a miracle we got any work down. Anyway, on my way home, the radio station I was listening to played "Baby, Baby" by Amy Grant. I jammed out to it. I grew up listening to Amy Grant, Barbara Streisand, Vince Gill, Shania Twain (*cough* people with real talent *cough*). I like Amy Grant. So I listened to a few of her classic hits when I got home. Good times! IF I still could play music on my blog (*angry look*), I'd have it on my playlist for you to listen to. It's catchy. I like 90s music. I have her Christmas albums and boy oh boy I can't wait to get those playin! But hey now, let's bask in fall first ok?

-I want these, wicked badly:

This is Scotty's current favorite hangout:
Under my bed.

Time for bed. I will be snuggling up in my bed with the window open enjoying the chilly breeze!!!

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Jean said...

1. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I also did a happy dance when I wore a sweater this week.
2. You are so inspiring!! I need to pick another half. I'm so lazy!! :) Let's pick a half in your hometown or mine and let's do it. YEAH!
3. So excited for your PA plan!!! It reminded me how excited I was too and that I should maintain that excitement. Unfortunately through all the studying and exhaustion you lose some of that oomf... so thanks for reminding me of it again!
4. you're the best. I'm going to try those doughnuts, they look delish!