Monday, September 3, 2012

The Labor of Labor Day

You see, working in a hospital you forget there are such things as holidays. But it's nice because usually the hospital is a little quieter, there isn't the usual hustle and bustle, and if I finish early...I can leave! Plus traffic on the way in is a breeze (not that traffic is really that bad at all in general). 

I worked today. The census was low but we were actually quite busy. But it's a Monday and to be expected. Estimated time of departure was 2pm and I left at 2:15ish. I was pleased. I got home, took Scotty out real quick and then decided I was going to pop into a few stores for fun: Home Goods, Pier 1 Imports, and World Market. 

Pop in? PAH-lease. Usually I find something I want and/or need. Except one time I didn't at Home Goods and it was very strange. They were in between things I think and I was rather disappointed. Anyway.

I found a few goodies at every store and hello, I had to take advantage of the Labor Day sales! So here's a picture of the goods (which I dubbed purchases in honor of my birth month week #1 celebration): 

Home Goods purchases: This place has delicious Yankee Candles. When I was in Tucson, Clary and I went into a Home Goods and I vowed I would purchase the "Cider Web" candle. I did. Now I can't wait to burn it. Next, I bought a bread pan. Their selection was a little pathetic but no matter, I need one. I've been stumbling upon bread recipes left and right and then I get depressed because I don't have a bread pan. Well, now I do!!!! Next, something you should know about me: I'm a sucker for stationary. I LOVE it. Truly. I go into paper stores and stationary stores and could spend hours looking through it all, touching the different paper types and the styles, the colors. I love it. So I found the cute cards with a bicycle and had to have 'em. I already know what I'm going to use them. I'm scheming but it's a good scheming. 

Pier 1 Imports: I haven't been in this store in years. I was skeptical when I walked in that I would find anything that I liked enough to purchase. Despite what you may think, I do have self-control when it comes to shopping (and food too, I promise, but more so with shopping). Well. First of all I stumbled upon the cute measuring cups you see pictured. I believe in multiple sets of measuring cups and spoons. It just makes life easier. And my mom has found cute measuring cups that she just leaves in her jars of flour and sugar and it makes life so much easier. I'm kind of copying that. Mostly I just loved the colors and design. And then I found a small rolling pin. I actually did not have a rolling pin in my kitchen before today. WHAT?!? I know. Bad, bad baker. Now I do. And I actually think the smaller ones are sometimes easier. Ok I also bought a "regular" rolling pin at Home Goods but didn't want to tell you. But I saw the small one and had to have it. Plus it was on sale! 

Finally, World Market. I love this place. Mostly for the food. I also discovered a pumpkin spice lotion that I want but refrained from getting today (there's always next week, birth month celebration week #2!). Since I will be having a baking and cooking bonanza once fall sets in, I decided rather than dropping big money on ALL of the ingredients at once, I'll get some of staples now and build up. I'm still building up my kitchen with basic supplies, bake and cookware, basic spices, etc. It's a process but it's really fun. So I found allspice, cloves, and cardamom. I still need pumpkin spice though. Anyway, I was cruising down the cookie, baking mix, and jam/jelly/spread aisle when I stumbled upon...Nutella. I gave in and bought it because it was on sale. Aaaaand I have about a half dozen recipes with Nutella in them but I refused to buy it because it's dangerous to have in my vicinity. 
I. love. Nutella. 
Chocolate is already my weakness but toss in hazelnut and I'm a goner. 

I got home and had a brilliant idea. I had left over peanut butter chocolate cookies from last week (you know the ones I attempted to make healthy and was afraid they were going to be disappointment but actually ended up pretty tasty? Yup, those ones) in the freezer so I busted a couple out, slabbed some Nutella on one and made myself a cookie sandwich.

Do I feel guilty? Not. one. bit. 

Then, Scotty and I went for a 2 mile walk and the weather was splendid. A nice breeze, still a little warm but the sun was setting so it was really nice. AND we ran into my neighbor who was walking his dog Poppy (chihuahua). Poppy and Scotty had a moment where Scotty actually let Poppy smell him without freaking out. It actually was really funny, after I remembered to breathe for fear that Scotty might snap at Poppy. Maybe they'll be friends?!? Also, I brushed Scotty and gave him a bath last night. He's a handsome pooch.  
And then I ran 5 miles. I have got to get back into gear for my half month. Gulp. 


Jean said...

i don't know if you already knew this but just in case... world market gives you a gift for signing up with their club or whatever! I got a $10 gift card! do it if you haven't yet :)

also, i'm contemplating running a half next month too! we should totally do one together soon. :)

Sarah said...

haha I have to refrain from buying Nutella for the same reason (and it can be pretty pricey). I have tons of Nutella recipes that I want to make but then I buy it and it ends up in my stomach via a variety of vehicles (pretzels, graham crackers, spoon, etc.) before it gets baked into things. Then again, the things I bake also sometimes end up in my stomach before I am able to share it with people. Oh, my troubles in life.

Kayla Lynn said...

well, that sounds like a fantastic way to spend your day!! those cookies look heavenly :)