Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Technical difficulties

Apparently I've used up all of the space allotted for pictures and have to purchase more space?? WHAT. I'm going to have to investigate this. BOGUS. Has this every happened to anyone?? If it has, can you help a sister out, please?? 

So my Cali posts are on hold. This displeases me. I can't tell you about it without pictures. Geez, what kind of a blog do these people think I run here? No pictures. The audacity. Nonsense. 

But hey tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!! I will be running a 10K Turkey Trot (my first 10K and my first Turkey Trot) in the AM, and then making a chocolate cream pie and then having dinner with my friend Amy and her parents, who are visiting for the holiday. I'm pretty pumped...minus the fact that I haven't been running consistently so I'm majorly kind of freaking out about the race. I just keep telling myself it is for fun and to just run to enjoy it. (Note to self: don't sign up for races when high on of endorphins and excitement prior to running a half marathon). Oh well, at least I'll burn so calories in preparation for the feast right!? 

Off to investigate this incredibly irritating picture limit. Jeepers. 

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Jenna said...

Aaack! This just happened to me. What do I do?