Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Finally. I think I outsmarted this picture business. Maybe. We'll see. But anyway, let's talk about my adventures in California! 

So...my mom is adorable. She picked me up and we were talking and talking and talking so we missed our exit and instead of getting home in 20 minutes, it took an hour. Also, there was an insane accident so that slowed things up a bit. She showed me my snazzy room and then my bathroom and these beauties were walking for me:
So pretty! 
Then we ate lunch, chatted, and then worked out. It was a bit of a relaxing, preparatory day. 

The next day (Saturday) we headed to Monterey: 

...and saw LOTS of seals. AWESOME. HUGE.

We walked around and had samples of chowdah, which warmed my belly and soul. I haven't had chowdah in so long! We watched seals, walked around the wharf and town, bought chocolates(!!), and had a yummy lunch on the water. 

I'm pretty sure this guy has been domesticated. He let a bunch of us snap a picture of him. Also his feet were neat. Seriously. He has talons.

Then we headed to Carmel and took the 17 mile drive along the coast, which included Pebble Beach, clear water, and me beaming like a 6 year old and snapping pictures like an obnoxious tourist.


I have never seen such beauty. I want to live in Carmel. I saw so many cute houses!

Then we headed into Carmel and walked around this charming, swanky place. I was a fan. 


I just liked this church.

And we ate at the Italian restaurant Nico. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Caprese salad, sparkling water, and crab ravioli. Oh and don't worry, we popped into a bakery and got pastries. Yum. 

Next...San Fran, my second favorite city ever. 


Lacey said...

Oh, fun! I LOVE Monterey, definitely one of my favorite California cities. I also enjoy Carmel a lot! Sounds like you had fun :)

Jessica & Thomas said...

So, I'm having the same stupid problem with using all of my allotted space for pictures! Annoying! How did you get around it?