Sunday, February 3, 2013

I just want a trim

...said I to the hair stylist yesterday.

Now granted, I haven't had my hair trimmed since November so the ends of my hair looked like a broom but I'm trying to grow my mane out. I want my high school hair back. I had nice long hair then. Geez, who would have thought it would take so long to grow my hair out after cutting a foot of hair off 5.years.ago. Well I guess add in the heat destruction, hair dying fiascoes, and the like and I guess I can see why it might take time to grow my hair out healthily. Anyway, I told my stylist to clean up the ends and take off an inch, maybe an inch and half if she must. 

Oh. She did.

She took a GENEROUS 1.5 inches off, which I can't get too upset about because now the mane looks and feels muuuuch better. But alas, I feel like I am making no progress. Oh well.

So the most exciting news right now is I have a friend coming to visit in 6 days. SIX DAYS. And I'm pretty much ready to implode with excitement!!!!!! So this week I have about 58 To-Do lists in preparation for their arrival. I really can't tell you how thrilled I am. Just trust me. I'm ready to burst with happiness!!!!!

And in 13 days I will have completed my 2nd half marathon. To be honest, I'm going to try to PR this, but if I don't, I'd be ok with it. I didn't officially decide to do this race until a couple of weeks ago, though I have been training for it as though I was going to run it. I wasn't really in to it with the holidays and having a hard time getting into a groove but I'm excited to be doing another race. And then I'm running a 10K in April in Charleston and then another half in October but that gives me the summer to train and rest up a little. I'm starting to get burnt out. 

Ok. So I have been avoiding my blog, well a) no I have not. I have been extremely busy lately, but b) I have kind of been avoiding my blog because I haven't said a word about how awesome Christmas was at home so I'm going to show you in pictures ok?

It snowed and I practically died from excitement!

I helped to keep the lobster population in check. 

We went to some of my favorite places! 

I got some quality time with my mum :) 

Then we went to my favorite place on earth. Boston.

with every fiber of my being

Waiting in line to get some canolis from Mike's Pastry

We watched people skate on the duck pond. Love my bro!

And we got treats from not one but TWO bakeries!

And FRESH bread. I was pretty much in heaven. 

Got to spend time with family:
Niece, brother, me, friend who may as well be my brother

Taught my mom how to do a messy bun

And yes I may or may not have gotten 2lbs of chocolate covered raisins.
And I ate them all in  1 month. Sad day. BUT, so worth it!  

Caught up with old friends

Took lots of walks in the woods behind our home. 

And had the best Christmas ever. 

And now to make more salted chocolate caramel cookies for a Superbowl party. Go 49ers!!!


Sara said...

Looks like you had a fun Christmas!

Lacey said...

I just started reading your blog, I am enjoying it! :)

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! You got a lot of good photos... I am horrible about that, I always forget to take photos! Urgh.

Also, your hair is gorgeous! I am trying to grow mine out too... I cut 11 inches off in October of '11, and I am dying for long hair! It's taking soo long.

Shannon Gish said...

I agree with Lacey. Your hair looks gorgeous. Great shots of home. We need you back asap!