Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, a good day

Story time!

Today I was charting on one of my floors and one of the infectious disease docs came and set next to me. We've chatted a few times and even though he intimidates me, I decided to be polite and so I said hello. He returned my greeting and then starting chatting with me. He asked if I had any Irish heritage (the red hair, freckles, and fair skin are a pretty good sign) and I replied yes and then he asked if I had ever been to Ireland. I've not, yet. He began to tell me about his daughters travels abroad and how she was in Europe for a few minutes (and I started to get really jealous...happy for her, but a little jealous) and then told him I am more Belgian than anything (don't worry, I'm not about to bust out my family tree) AND THEN...

...I said, "but I have the phenotype of a typical Irishwoman." 

A) Hi, I'm a nerd. B) The second it left my mouth I prayed I had used the genetics jargon correctly. I wasn't trying to impress him by any means, but the word came to mind (and it's one of the few things I remember from my lessons on genetics) and before I realized it, it also came out of my mouth. 

Our conversation continued and in the forefront, not back friends, forefront, of my mind I was praying I hadn't just made myself look like an idiot. A very basic lesson on genetics: phenotype refers to the physical or observable (ph to ph...that's how I remembered it) characteristics you inherit and genotype means refers to the genetics you inherit. Not that difficult right? Right. Except on the spot when a fancy term you rarely use but vaguely remember studying comes to mind and then out of your mouth in front of a doctor...yeah it's cause for a small dose of panic. And I'm just sayin' it now, if you go on Jeopardy and win mucho bucks becauseof a question about phenotype or genotype and you got he answer from me, I just ask for 10% of the proceeds. Not too much right? :) 

Anyway, the conversation concluded, he went and saw a patient, I continued to type. He came back. He was about to leave and then commented on my use of the word phenotype.

The Irish lass just impressed the doc with her genetics vocab. SHAZAM! Being a nerd has its perks. If only immense relief that I didn't embarrass myself. I'll take it.

Today I am grateful for wonderful people in my life. Truly. There are many and I am astounded that I have so many fantastic people in my life. Among them, a dear, dear, dear friend, example, mentor, amazing woman and a kindred spirit, who may have sent me a little something she picked up while in NYC, and while at the NY Public Library no less!!!! I love it!!!!!!  
Many, many, MANY thanks. 

I can't wait to use it. THANK YOU SHANNON!!


Sara said...

Funny! Props :)

Shannon Gish said...

You are the bestest! Loveyourguts!

habinkaa said...
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