Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today is the day of lists

I'm a list person. I have To-Do lists, a bucket list, shopping lists, to-get lists, lists of books to read, music to get, places to go, lists of birthday present ideas. I like lists.
So, alas, a list:

1. I'm about to get on my soap box for 3 minutes. Three. That's all. I walked into a patient's room today to ask a quick question and the patient told me they were a nutritionist. Now, I mean no offense to nutritionists. You are great people, I am sure. But it does make my blood simmer a little when I encounter some nutritionists. SOME. NOT ALL. It's like a med student vs. a doctor. Sure you know stuff and have learned stuff and have researched stuff, I'm not discounting that. But please don't diss my hard work and my credentials that I worked wicked hard to get. You see, anyone can claim to be a nutritionist, but it's against the law to claim to be a dietitian without the proper schooling, training, and credentials. I worked hard for this so don't discount that. It was interesting. That is all. And now I am done. *steps off box*

2. This is what I wanted to do today:
Yes, face plant into a pillow and go to bed. It was a long day. A stressful day. Not a bad day, but just a tiring and exhausting day. Scotty is a cutie isn't he?

3. Hi. I'm 25 and my favorite afternoon snack is peanut butter and graham crackers OR graham crackers and applesauce. Just stick me with the toddlers; we'll get along great. 
BUT. Check THIS out!!!! Twice this month I randomly broke my crackers (for better dipping of course) and randomly got these shapes:

Vermont and New Hampshire!

This made me a little bit homesick for New England. Gosh I miss that place. I love it so.

4. I have an obsession with anchors. It might be kind of silly but they've become a symbol to me. They remind me of home, of my beloved New England--there is something so majestic and captivating about that placec. I have an anchor necklace and I wear it almost every day; it's a little piece of home I have with me and it just means a lot. Anchors also remind and motivate me to not only stand but to be anchored in holy and good places. And, they just make me happy. I saw this on etsy and fell in love. Had to have it!

5. I am going to attempt to knit a blanket/throw and my friend let me borrow her knitting needles that she used to make one. These are the biggest knitting needles I have ever seen. IN MY LIFE. 

And now, a funny story. I got the needles from my friend right before I had my staffing meeting so I quickly grabbed them from her and tried to stealthy walk into the meeting with the needles in my lab coat pocket. Yeah, well, I couldn't exactly be discreet with 16 inch needles protruding from my pocket so I slide into my seat and tried to hide them in my lap only to hear Dr. W say, "Uh. Gabe. Are you planning on hunting vampires?" Bahahaha! The meeting stopped and I had to explain myself but don't worry, for the rest of the meeting (which lasted about 2 hours), the topic of my stakes, er, knitting needles persisted. And let me tell you, Dr. W was in fine form that day-the jokes! 

6. Confession. I rarely indulge in retail therapy. Rarely. And if I do, I don't go crazy, honest. And rarely do I buy clothing. Usually shoes. Or hair stuff. Or, my favorite, cooking/baking-ware/home goods. Today, however, I had an unplanned, though much needed, therapy sesh. I went to Williams-Sonoma looking for a kitchen gadget...but sadly they had run out of it so I decided to just (riiiight) check out Anthropolige. Well. Check out I did! I can honestly say I have never purchased an article of clothing from them but I do like their home goods section, specifically their dishes. I was wondering around the bowls and cups and all of the sudden I spotted an oven mitt with anchors on it. HAD TO HAVE IT. AND THEN! I found a matching apron. Done. I also found a cute bowl to add to my collection and a new hot chocolate mug that I fell in love with.  
I am so pleeeeeeeeeeased!!!!!!!
I love the colors, the patterns, everything!

And then I suddenly felt much better. Aaaaah nothing like a good retail home goods therapy. I was tempted to go home and bake something BUT, I had other things to do. 

So, that concludes the end of my list. For now. This girl is off to do some packing for a weekend trip! Yay!


Sara said...

Cute apron!!

WoozleMom said...

I have lime green size 50 knitting needles and I LOVE THEM! So fun and fast.