Thursday, June 13, 2013

Holy Pictures Batman

This is going to be one of those posts with a lot of pictures complete with Gabe-ified commentary. 

First. I have yet to completely finish a book. I have checked out probably 20 books from library in the past 6 months and can say I haven't finished, or even make it through half of them. Isn't that the pits??? I'm in a slump. I requested a book I saw in a bookstore while I was home, The Postmistress, and started it yesterday. It seems interesting so let's hope this one turns out to be a winner. However, tonight I found myself reading one of my favorite things: 

Yes I read cookbooks, from cover to cover. It's fun! 

Anyway. I went home last week (here's where I blow up your screen with pictures)!

I brought Scotty back to New England and into the loving arms of my brother and sis-in-law. He's back to stay. Lucky pooch!
 So. To make this brief, I was going to give Scotty some happy meds to make the flying experience a little better for him (because last time it most definitely was NOT enjoyable). Well, we were sitting a few gates away so Scotty wouldn't freak out being around a lot of people and all of the sudden they made a final boarding call over the PA system and that the doors were closing. FREAKOUT!!!!! So I ripped open my bag and tried to get Scotty to eat his happy meds. Well. He didn't, but he did eat his treats. Punk. I shoved the stuff back in my bag and ran to the gate, boarded the plane, got situated, and then realized the pills were in my backpack. In the overhead compartment. And I was sitting in the window seat. Great. Once again we were flying with Scotty un-medicated. I was so nervous that my leg was shaking and shaking so hard that the nice elderly gentleman next to me kept looking at me. Oh boy. Well, by some miracle, Scotty was actually very good on the plane and even managed to sleep for 45 minutes. He was none to happy with me as we tried to get off the plane but I can't blame him. I hate his stupid carry-on bag too. But we made it and that's all that matters. WAHOOO!!!!

Cuddling safely in my bed at home. Cutie. 

To say I was happy would be a vast understatement. 



 I got to have Squamscott Soda
The raspberry lemonade is delish!

 On one of our adventures, we went to Newburyport, MA. I love this quaint little place, especially their antique shops!

And whattayaknow I found this while I was thumbing through some golf cards-Prestwick is in Myrtle Beach! Whaaaaaat?

I bought some new sandals. Don't mind the outfit but daaaaang I love those flats!

We went into the Best of British shop where Emma and I coveted Hunter rain boots and then we overwhelmed our noses with the delicious scents of Crabtree and Evelyn. I want this new one! OHMYLATNUS it smells sooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!

 And I also had to get my pound of chocolate covered raisins from the general store. I opted out of getting 2 pounds because I'll be back next month (bad sadly they are already gone...maybe I shoulda gotten more...?) 

I found this in my favorite antique shop, Flukes & Friends & Finds, and fed my anchor obsession. My mom also found an anchor skirt at a consignment shop...$12 later it was mine. Oh happiness! And thank you Mom for letting me get it!

Miss this furball. 

I was delighted to be a part of the surprise retirement party for my high school English teacher Mrs. Miles. 
She taught at my high school for 40 years. I doubt I will see that kind of commitment with my generation. The lives she has touched! She's a dynamic lady, if I've ever met one. A rare gem and a woman who has influenced me in more ways that I could ever say. It's a very special thing being part of a small community that becomes your family and I just can't describe how happy I was to be a part of this special landmark and to celebrate this amazing woman with the rest of our Sanborn family. 

Now. Tangent time. This is my grandmother Barbara.
She's a babe and also one of my absolute favorite people in the whole world. She's the best cook and baker I have ever known. She's also sassy and funny and I hope to be as witty and awesome as she is when I grow up. Whenever I go visit we like to go through her closets and play dress up in some of her old fur coats and things. She has the coolest clothes. I LOVE HER. I actually found that picture on my mom's phone (thanks Mom) and then as I was going through some of my old things from college, found some old pictures she had given me during a visit while I was in college. So, it's throwback Thursday time.  

Eh hem. Back to New England.

I like my traditions. And for the love of ice cream I have only be thinking/talking/dreaming about my favorite ice cream place since Christmas: Lago's. My mom tried to talk me out of it. Have you lost your marbles???? 


 I got cookie monster and oatmeal cream pie with chocolate jimmies!

 It's all homemade ice cream and the flavors are sinfully wonderful. I can't wait to go back!

Home was great. Wonderful. Amazing. Exactly what this girl needed. I honestly can't be without New England for greater than 6 months and even that is stretching it. Someday New England, someday we'll be together again.

Can we talk about surprises for a moment? I love surprises (good ones...obviously). I have been and am being tortured by upcoming surprises. My mom has a surprise which she is very elusive about and usually I can crack her for information. Not this time. I'm going nuts. Then, Mark has some surprises and won't tell me, though I have been given some useless hints. My curiosity-meter is OFF.THE.CHARTS. I'm going to go mad!!!! THEN a few weeks ago, Amy said she had a surprise for me too but I would have to wait. Let me tell you friends, I cannot crack her. Nope. She is tight-lipped. She doesn't even humor me. Well. I got home Sunday morning and she came over with my surprise because she finally got it and couldn't stand waiting any longer!!!! 

She got me a Garmin. 
I teared up after she left. 
A) That's extremely generous. EXTREMELY. B) Ohmygosh it's a GARMIN. That's for legit runners. And Amy, who I respect, admire, and deem a legit, hardcore, and amazing runner, called me a runner and said it was time for me to have one. That's a high compliment friends. Whoa buddy. C) She even got it in the color I had been eyeing. I've already used it a few times this week and it's SO COOL!!!!!

 I get to see Mark in 3 weeks.
By the time we see each other it will have been 3 months. Three. That's practically an eternity. I am not a fan. If I could even tell you how excited I am, if I could even somehow allow you to feel the excitement and anticipation that are bubbling inside of me, I would. But I cannot. 
Plus. We'll be in New England. Together. HAPPINESS!!!!!
AND! He's never been to New England before. 
He doesn't even know what's about to hit him.

And. I went to the doctor's today. I don't think my experience is blog appropriate so I won't share (sorry), but I will just say, Brian Regan was right. When they say, "you're going to feel a little pressure," IT'S A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy catscans. Lies. But it was hilarious, albeit someone embarrassing. Jeepers.

Oh! And I  have a Dr. W story from today. I had a patient who was ordered to start TPN today (total parenteral nutrition aka feeding someone through a vein where they just absorb the nutrients because it's already "digested" for them). TPN is more of a last resort option and really only for patients with a gut that don't work because of surgery, obstructions, fistulas, etc. This patient does not fall into the TPN-appropriate category but some doctors love to order TPN willy nilly, which drives me NUTS. It's expensive and really not that great for the body in the long run. Well. I get really riled up when some of the docs order TPN because 80% of the time it's not appropriate. I was riled today because it was absolutely not appropriate. So. I fumed with the pharmacist about the TPN and had my case ready to argue. My argument was rock solid. I was ready to fight this one. So, I patiently waited for Dr. W to finish chatting with a patient and then said hello to him and asked about the patient and started to argue my case (calmly, despite the fact that I was totally ready to bust out the facts, especially since this patient is rather complicated), when 3 seconds into my prepared argument Dr. W said, "You had me at Hi Dr. W. That's fine. Cancel it."

That's it? That's all?

Why can't all doctors be that awesome?!?!? I'll admit I was speechless for a second and then skipped (yes, yes I did skip) merrily down the hall to the charting room to inform the pharmacist that there would be no TPN.

Gabe-1 TPN-0. SUCCESS! 

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