Monday, June 24, 2013

Surprise #2 = near heart attack

****Please note:  I wrote this post in a little bit ago (Sunday, June 16th to be exact), the day after the following happened, for reasons you will understand after you read. It's a GOOD one!****

I almost had a heart attack yesterday. 

I was lying on my bed yesterday afternoon catching up on the latest episodes of "Once Upon A Time" and at the commercial break, decided to check my Instagram. Well. I scrolled to this photo posted by my stepdad and thought, Aww he went golfing with the boys {his son and sons-in-law}. Then I looked at the photo from right to left (I know, I'm weird, who looks right to left?), Caleb, Dallas, Chris....waita...I know that shirt. I know that hat. What the...

OhMyGOSH. Oh. My. Gosh. Ohmagosh. That looks like Mark. That LOOKS like Mark. ThatlookslikeMark. THAT LOOKS LIKE MARK!

But no. It can't be. Mark is in San Antonio with his parents. He's even sent me pictures. He's golfing with his dad today

Now mind you, 6.3 seconds after I saw this picture I flew off my bed with a heart rate in the 200s and into my living room because I needed better light. I was, stupidly and desperately, trying to make the picture bigger so I could verify that it was indeed Mark. In case you didn't know, you can't do that with Instagram, but in a moment of desperation, this bit of knowledge had completely escaped my mind, and so I kept trying to enlarge the picture. I think I may have even shook my phone to see if that would help as I paced the room, literally, yes, paced. I was 100% sure it was Mark, but then not at all sure, and then 100% sure, and then baffled and not sure. It couldn't be.  I need a magnifying glass!!!!! At this point I was straining my eyes in disbelief and then, I was 100% sure it was Mark.

That can't.
But. It is. He's in California?


I stopped pacing, still in utter disbelief and shock, and wasn't quite sure what to do. SURELY, they knew I would see the picture. SURELY. This was bait. Take it? Do I play it out? Wait coyly for Mark to call later? HECK NO!!!! I was about to burst! Who do I call first? My mom? Dan? Mark? Mark. Done. 

I resumed pacing because, hello the amount of energy and adrenaline and shock I had SURGING through my body would have sent me into a jig. It rang...and rang...and I thought if I had to leave a voicemail, I would go mad...and then I'd call my mom, Dan, the house phone and repeat until someone answered. I needed answers!!!! He picked up. I said hello. He said hello and I knew the instant he said hello that he knew that I knew. So. I asked how he was doing. He shyly replied, with a bit of question, hesitancy, and I suspected a hint of a smile on this face, "good." I asked how golfing was. He said good. The one word answers were kind of an obvious a dead give away. We both knew. And then I decided no more beating around the bush. So...golfing with your DAD today HUH?  And then he laughed and wanted to know if I wanted to skype. I race to my computer, signed on, called him, and his face appeared...along with my mom's and Dan's.

So the elusive surprise my mom had been talking about and torturing me about with vague hints and allegedly unsure time frames, the one I had talked to Mark about for weeks about the waiting was killing me, the one I outright asked him if he knew and he said no but did indeed know about all along because he was the master behind it, had come to fruition. He was going to California.

Well, well, well. 

Did NOT see it coming. Completely caught off guard. That is some master planning. Expert scheming. WELL. DONE. I am still reeling from it all. Touched. Flattered. Beyond impressed. 

****Now, as you might have noticed, I was not in California. He was not coming to surprise me, which may beg the question, why was he was going to California? What you may not have known is that he hadn't yet met my parents and so he flew out to meet them. And to talk to them...****

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