Monday, June 24, 2013


June is a big month for my family. My mom and stepdad got married in June. My brother and sister-in-law got married in June. I graduated high school in June. It's the beginning of summer. I mean, June is kind of a big deal. 

This year June is a pretty special for me personally for a couple of reasons. I was asked a couple of months ago to be the camp director for my church's Girls Camp. I love this age group. Girls Camp is held across the country for the different stakes and are a great opportunity for girls, ages 12-18, to come together and learn some outdoorsy skills (think Girl Scouts), form some great friendships, and to grow spiritually. It's a neat experience. I went every year when I was that age and had a blast. Now, it's a WHOLE different ball game being a leader, and you better believe an even different ball game when you are asked to be the director. To say I felt completely inadequate to fulfill this role would be a VAST understatement. But, I agreed to do it and was really excited, and nervous, and terrified, but excited. 

Well, after of months of planning the day (Wednesday) arrived! Girl's Camp! Now I was supposed to meet up with some of the girls at 6am to drive them to camp. At 5:45am I loaded up all of my stuff, shut the trunk, reached into my purse, and to my UTTER horror my keys were not there. 

So I ripped open my backpack and clawed through everything hoping and praying I would find my lanyard. Nope. No. Not even close. I had, for the first time ever, locked my keys in my trunk. Yup. 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at the meeting place to drive some girls to camp. Stellar director, I know. So I panicked for about 5 minutes, tried to break into my apartment, unsuccessfully (which is probably a good thing). I finally cracked and called AAA and they said they would be there in 30 minutes. Great, I'm a terrible leader. Fortunately I called the other chaperon and she said she wasn't planning on getting there until 6:30 and then we'd leave between 6:45 and 7 because it's only a 2 hour drive, not a 3 hour drive. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAA got there in 15 minutes. The AAA dude looked none too pleased to be there. Nor did he look amused at my predicament. Well, I was none too pleased either ok? But then he commented on how clean my car was for a 25 year old, popped open my door in 45 seconds, and I almost hugged him I was so happy. Almost. Instead I grabbed my keys, thanked him profusely and sped off. What a great way to begin camp! The theme this year was based on Dr. Seuss's book "Oh the Places You'll Go" and the mutual theme: Oh the Places You'll Stand. Awesome, awesome, awesome theme! We and the girls had a lot of fun with it!

These are some of the leaders. Summer (who is standing next to me) was really the brains behind camp. I may have been the director, but she did it all and I just followed her lead. I would have died without her especially, and without the support of these wonderful women. It was quite humbling to be working with them. 

Me and the Stake YW President

Rockin' Youth Camp Leaders. These girls did a FABULOUS job helping us plan!

Skit time. All the girls from the different wards were assigned a Dr. Seuss book and a YW value to tie together. They were hilarious and superb!

The Myrtle Beach girls and I had a blast with glow-in-the-dark balloons and bubbles!

I'm not sure what I am doing here. Probably teasing the girls because that's what I do...and they were sunbathing (supposed to be) observing clouds 

Loved the enthusiasm! 

Craft time...

And pretty much how the girls and leaders felt. I guess that's what staying up late, eating lots of yummy food and candy, pranking and a non-stop, wicked busy, jam-packed schedule from 7am-11pm-ish will do to you. Well worth it!

Now you should probably read the previous post first before you read this next part. Go on. Go read it. Trust me. You'll be glad you did. 

The other reason this month is very special to me, and one of the main reasons why I will never forget this year's Girls Camp is because Mark surprised, no, more like shocked me (in a good way, of course) and proposed to me at Girls Camp, in front of the entire camp. I was shocked, stunned, amazed, flattered, impressed, and smitten. He is so very amazing. I sure do love him a lot. 

Now. I am not going to share the proposal story YET. BUT I WILL! I WILL! Soon! Trust me, the wait will be worth it. Mark is awesome and it was one of the those proposals that should go down in the books on Best Proposals Ever. Really though, it was incredible. It was captured on video so I am waiting for that. You'll love it. 

To make the surprise even better, Mark stayed from Thursday to today. He's so dashing.

Two of my stellar Young Women!

And the good times just keep on coming! The Young Women and their awesome leaders decided to play one last camp prank: decorate my car. 

Well played. WELL played.

After I dropped Mark off at the airport, I was waiting at a stoplight and an elderly woman was in the lane next to me, honked her horn, and gave me a thumbs up. Rock on! I was smiling all the way home.



Erinn Meyer said...

Ah, young and in love. :) So cute, Gabe! Also... I don't see anything resembling camping in any of those pictures!

Brett said...

I am so excited for you Gabe! I can't wait to hear how he proposed. This is so great, Congratulations!!

AB said...

Sorry it was me who commented earlier, I was logged in as Brett.

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