Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shopping rules, super glue fixes, and DIY torches, er, candles

I have a rule.

When I find something, whatever it may be, and decide not to buy it, but continue to think about it for days, then I know I should have it. Such was the case. I found a pair of pants that I really liked at The Loft, which is very rare because I've never liked pants from The Loft. Well, surprise!, I do now. They are orange! A pretty orange. PERFECT for fall! I tried them on during my shopping last weekend, but didn't buy them. Liked them, may have loved them, but decided I didn't want to pay full price. BUT THEN!, I got an e-mail on Monday that The Loft was having a sale so I went back and had a horrible pants experience (for whatever reason I was feeling bold and decided to try on some dice), so I bought nothing and vowed I would never buy jeans or pants again. Never. It was the emotion of the moment. Don't lie, you've been there. Then I called my mom and we talked about shopping and pants and ranted and vented about how awful it is shopping for pants and I felt better....aka my self esteem was back in tact. Bruised badly, but back. 

Despite the rollercoaster of emotions regarding pants this week, I decided that since I could not stop thinking of those orange pants, I needed to see them again. So I headed back to the mall today (this is the most I have ever been to the mall in...ever?...twice in a week?!!? Yeah, I know. I'm that girl) and tried them on and I loved them. I started envisioning fall outfits, and that alone made me giddy, and they were still on sale so I bought them. Done. I am very pleased. 

AND!!! I have been told from at least 6 people in the past week that American Eagle jeans are awesome. Since I am not longer in high school, I didn't feel I was "of age" to be shopping there but feeling bold after my success at The Loft today, I went in and tried on some jeans. I was very pleased. No purchases were made as I had other things to buy today, but I will try them out again.

AND!!! I got a coupon in the mail for 40% off at the Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy outlets and what do you know, I just happen to live near Tangor Outlets. So after my mall excursions, I headed to the outlets and got some wicked deals. Love it! 

All this and I saved $96! YAH! 

Now, I did have one minor casualty today. I was wearing my new shoes that I got for a steal of a deal last week. Please see my previous post for details. Well, as I was exiting the mall, all of the sudden something felt weird on my left foot. My shoe felt loose. I looked down to check the strap and it seemed fine so I kept walking. But it still felt weird!!! Once I got outside, I sat on a bench and upon further inspection, and to my dismay, one of the straps on the left side of my left shoe had come OUT of the shoe and that's why it was feeling loose. Basically my shoe was partially broken. I was devastated, but it looked fixable. And since you couldn't really tell, and the shoes were still functional, I decided instead of going home and switching shoes, I would continue on with my shopping endeavors. Once I got home I busted out the super glue, which got all over my fingers of course, and poured heaps of glue onto the strap and shoved it back into the slit of my shoe. And then poured more super glue over it just to make sure that bugger wasn't ever coming out again! 

I let the glue dry and then a little while later tugged on it. It seems to be stuck but we'll see the next time I wear them. Hopefully this did the trick or I will be very, very sad.

My pals Amy and Jen, and I like to have Ladies Night, which usually consists of dinner and a Pinterest craft. This past Friday we decided to make our own mason jar candles. They seemed simple enough. We even added some essential oils (lavender!) and they turned out great. 

The only thing is the wicks are HUGE. About as big around as my middle finger. That's fine and dandy and all, but apparently it's safest best to shove the wick down as far as you can before you light it. Amy did not do this initially, and her candle was our guinea pig, so when she lit her candle, it was like a torch. I'm NOT even kidding you. The flame was probably 6-8 inches high. Jen and I were on the floor laughing as Amy tried to carefully carry her torch candle to the sink to blow it out without singeing  her eyebrows. Again, Jen and I were holding our stomachs on the floor laughing. Ah Ladies Nights are always a blast. 

And let it be know that this week I will finally get to see my fiance after almost 2 months of being apart. THANK. THE. STARS. I am ready to burst with excitement! We will be taking our engagement pictures!!!!!! But seriously, I'm just happy to see Mark again. 

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Shannon Mcniel@ASI said...

Your new shoes want to be remembered. Haha! Thanks to super glue, it was saved. Have you wore it already after this incident? How did it stick? Strong, I hope. Are you familiar with this particular magic of gluing? That how the materials would stick depends greatly on how the adhesive was applied?