Saturday, September 21, 2013

On to the next quarter century!

I am now 26. Whoa.

Age has never really been a big deal to me. Well, that's a lie. 16 was pretty exciting. Age is a number and a mind set. But...26? I'm now in my upper 20s. Weird. Just weird. But anyway, it ended as a grand day. So my birthday technically was Monday. I am not going to lie, having a birthday on a Monday is kind of a bum deal. It was crazy busy and work kind of ruined my day. Until around 2pm when I got a call from one of the managers to see if I was in my office because someone was looking for me. Great. Probably a patient or their family member hunting me down. It was that kind of a day. I got to my office and there wasn't anyone there so I called the manager back and he said to stay in my office and the "visitor" was on their way. Then I became suspicious. Amy wasn't saying a thing either. Well, about 3 minutes later someone knocked on our door and there was a woman holding a beautiful bouquet of roses.

So, call me cliche and old school but I have always wanted to be that girl who gets flowers at work. I don't mean that vainly. I just think it's always so sweet! Well, Monday was that day. And from Mark. I don't know how I lucked out getting such a swell guy, but I did. *sigh*  
And then I got home and had an odd-looking package outside my door. Well it was from my brother who is on a church mission in Australia!!! Now how many 19 year old boys remember their older sister's birthday and have the sense to send it so it arrives on their birthday? Apparently my brother. Totally precious! He sent me some "lollies" (candy), a beautiful anchor bracelet and the stuffed animal is a tazmania devil. My brother rocks!

Now Mark had sent me my package and it arrived the Friday before my birthday but I refused to open it until Monday. FINALLY I GOT TO OPEN IT!!!! He sent me a card that lights up. LEGIT!!!!!! And tons of candy (apparently everyone knew I was lacking in chocolate because I got a ton of it!). AND 3 of the Nancy Drew books I had been missing. I am working to have the entire Nancy Drew collection. He's so awesome! 

 Now to back track. 
I went to Dallas over Labor Day weekend to visit Mark and to take our engagement pictures. It was, as it always is, so much fun! Friday we explored downtown Dallas and went through a bunch of art museums and walked around. Friends, it's BLIMEY hot in Dallas. BLIMEY. HOT. I do not tolerate triple digits well. Whew. It was still wicked fun! We ended the day with sushi and then meeting his parents, sister, and one of his nephews for a Rangers game! My first Rangers game. I even wore blue to be supportive. But before you freak, because I am die hard, loyal Red Sox fan, Mark and I have an agreement that we will support each other's teams unless they are playing each other. 

Around the 4th inning Mark's dad told us to get our phones/cameras out and then this appeared on the scoreboard. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!???? AWESOME!!! I couldn't believe it AND it was up for, what felt like, quite a while. I was afraid they were going to pan the camera on us (again, 105 degrees makes for one sweaty, nasty, frizzy Gabe). They didn't, thankfully. But holy catscans!!!! How sweet! 

I finally got to try the infamous Rooster's Roadhouse burger and freshly made potato chips. AWESOME BURGER! AWESOME! And I got to color with Mark's niece (and I guess technically she'll be my niece too! HOOOORAY!!!!!) while we waited. She is wicked cute and I am now also wrapped around her finger! 

Saturday Mark and I took engagement pictures. It was 105 degrees at 5pm. I thought we were going to melt. Poor Mark was wearing his wool uniform while we took our formal shots at an airplane hangar. The shots look AWESOME (you'll see a sneak peek later).

Still smiling after 2 hours of picture-taking. We were waiting for Mark's best friend and his wife to join us for ice cream. The ice cream parlor is aaaaaaadorable! Can't wait to go back! 

During a discussion prior to my arrival, I found out Mark has never tried a Hostess Cupcake. So, naturally I had to bring him one to try. I am not a fan of Hostess products because they are more chemical than food and I can taste it. Gross. But I made him try it. CLEARLY he was thrilled.

 Mark's family celebrated my birthday early on Sunday. How sweet is that? I mean really! Mark's mom, whom I adore, made my favorite cake, German Chocolate Cake! It was soooooo yummy! I love my future family.

And Mark's parents got me some birthday presents. I was trying really hard to act mature but the giddy kid in me came out as I was opening the newest additions to my cookbook collection and gardening utensils to plant grape hyacinths. Mark DREW, yes DREW, the anchor. He is INCREDIBLY talented friends. I couldn't believe he drew that. :) And I always love Boston Red Sox stuff!!! My face hurt from smiling so much. It was a grand day! 

Then Mark and his dad played a bunch of songs on the piano (they are both amazing; Mark's dad can play anything) and Mark, his neice, his sister, and I danced around the living room under the direction of his niece. She is so cute I can't stand it! 

Then I caught this picture. Pardon me while I melt.

And finally. The best for last. 


December 14th!!! 
Mark and I have been waiting for on a few things before we could announce the date and finally everything fell into place and it's official! We had this date in mind for a bit so, don't worry, the wedding planning was already underway but now I can REALLY get things done! 

 We won't get the rest of our engagement shots until next week but Ambyr was sweet enough to post a few sneak peeks on her blog! She was FABULOUS and so patient and fun! 

I cant' wait to see the rest of them!!!

83 days to go!


Rachel Staves said...

Hooray for setting a date! Those pictures look great :)

Shannon Gish said...

As a wise and wonderful friend of mine would say: "Oh.My. LANTUS!" Those engagement photos are so beautiful and this post is hilarious, totally FAB and wonderful - just like the person who writes it. Loveyoutons!

A-Kap said...

I am FINALLY catching up on your blog...after I just bought my tickets to fly to YOUR WEDDING...WOO HOO and YIPPEE and YEEEE HAWWW!! I'm just a bit excited. So FREEEAKING excited. You are going to be THE most GORGEOUS bride ever. Ever. Seriously. Can't wait. really...I can't.....