Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday successes

 First of all I have a bone to pick. You know how they say if your child is sick don't send them to daycare or school? Well, similarly, adults, if you are sick DO NOT COME TO WORK AND SPREAD YOUR NASTY GERMS!!!!!!!!! People like me get sick and when I get sick it's horrible because it's not a one and done deal. I'm sick and it lingers for weeks. I felt it coming on yesterday afternoon and I woke up, wide awake, at 4am and then finally fell back asleep and woke up with what felt like a swollen, scratchy throat. Yuck. Bring on the cough drops (gah-ross).

Despite this, today was a great day. It was gloomy and overcast this morning so we had croissants and hot chocolate. I love croissants! And they were tasty! 

Then we headed out to run some errands. Our apartment is finally coming together. Our guest room has been full of empty boxes and half unpacked things. Last night I did some cleaning and condensing so we finally put the empty boxes in storage and then headed to Target to look for a possible coffee table, and some storage bins. Well. I've been looking for a basket to put our blankets in and Mark picked up a large basket (with a lid) on clearance and we got it. When we got home, I realized the corner I wanted to put it in was too small for the basket. Mark is a GENIUS. GENIUS! He recommended using the basket as our new coffee table. We tried it and it's PERFECT! I married a genius. Here's a panorama of our living room. I love this room. It's so cozy. The lighting isn't great in this picture but at least you can see it!

Then I left Mark to study while I headed out on the hunt for something to put our printers on next to our desk. Well, at the first antique shop I walked into, I found it! 
It's actually made of crates but it looks really cool. And it's perfect! We will sand it and either stain it or paint it. 

Then I went into one of my favorite antique shops, just to browse, and found these! A mini-cake plate and yellow-ware. 
Everyone collects something and I collect yellow-ware. I just love it. Especially when I can find it at a decent price because sometimes they are outrageous! 

And, I've decided my Lent restrictions are temporarily waived since the only things that sound good are soup and ice cream. They feel wonderful on my throat. to eat ice cream. Oh darn. 

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Anonymous said...

Gabe, I love your post and your apartment! So cozy and inviting and you are right, clearly you married a genius!
Heaps of Happiness and Loads of Love,
Kris Nadeau