Sunday, March 16, 2014

Purple, purple, purple

I don't know if I have a favorite color anymore because I like so many colors. My favorite color used to be orange, as in a burnt orange, an autumn orange. Recently, I've noticed I am drawn to all different hues of purple (have you ever noticed how funny of a word "purple" is? Say it twenty times and you'll see what I mean). I just love them! It's no wonder plum was my main wedding color. 

Mark and I went to San Antonio on Saturday. We're on the hunt for a cozy, colorful reading chair. It's hard! I found, what I thought, was a cute chair in a local furniture store but it was pri-cey. Ouch. I wasn't convinced, though it was wicked comfortable. I popped into Pier 1 Imports and found a cute chair that is a comfortable, more colorful and the price is better but still a little more than I wanted to spend. I like it a lot, but I don't LOVE it. *sigh* BUT. I decided to pop into antique shop after I returned a library book on Friday just to see if they miraculously had the chair I am hunting for and they didn't. But, I found these beauties!

I told Mark someday that I don't want a fancy sports car, I want an antique car (though maybe not quite as old as these cars...). And I think these would be wicked cute in a little boy's room someday. Just sayin'!

Back to the chair hunting...We went to San Antonio to look at some furniture stores there and didn't have much luck. So we headed to their shopping center just because. We went into Pottery Barn, which equals self-inflicting pain because their prices are outrageous, but fortunately I didn't find anything. We're hoping to have some luck in Dallas in a couple of weeks.

But. While browsing through several stores, I did find some....

PURPLE PANTS!!!! So after about 20 minutes and trying them on and asking Mark for his opinion about 27 times (literally), I bought them. I LOVE them. I'm so excited to wear them! 

And currently I want these something awful:

Snazzy eh? I love 'em! 

Also, Mark is playing the piano and I could listen to him for hours. I love the piano. And the violin. My best friend Jenna is a KICKIN' violinist. Maybe someday we'll live together in NH and she can play for me (eh? eh? eh??). I love music. Off to swoon and listen to him tickle the ivories. 

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