Wednesday, September 10, 2014

C'est bon

I woke up dreaming about bechamel sauce. Mark told me he had dreams about cooking. 

We went and saw "The Hundred-Foot Journey" last night. France and gastronomy, two of my absolute favorite things. I was absolutely captivated and smitten the entire time. If you haven't seen it and are looking for a happy-go-lucky, fun, makes-you-feel-good cinematic charmer, this is it. Helen Mirren is brilliant. You'll love her character. And I currently have a woman-crush on Charlotte Le Bon and aspire to dress just like her character. Really, I just wish I were French, and I told Mark my dream of all dreams would be to live in a stone cottage in France. He replied, "I know." *sigh* I can't wait to watch this movie again. I even had an omelette that I tried to jazz up for breakfast (you'll get it when you see the movie).

My mom left on Monday and I came home and went back to painting. Thank goodness for my mom. Her visit came at theee perfect time. She came in, saw the house, and told me what to do. I had and have tons of ideas zipping around in my brain (can we say overwhelming?) but I needed someone with experience (it also helps that our taste is similar) to help me organize, critique, tweak, and make my ideas happen. I think I almost cried when my mom said, "let's paint your room!" So we did. And now, I am in love with our bedroom. It's cheery, dreamy, cozy, pretty. Oh I just love it! The second floor isn't very big; it only has the master bedroom, the master bathroom, and attic space. But, it's so neat. I feel like the second floor is its only little apartment, just missing a kitchenette. We still have to hang a few things so it's not perfect but here is one before and after picture. 

Though this dark red color works because the room gets a lot of light, I don't like having an almost dried blood-colored room you know? And there's already a bedroom downstairs that is this color. Come on man, there are way too much colors in this world to have 2 bedrooms the same. Non.

Much better, don't you think? 

I am so in love with it. We also ended up painting the ceiling, the trim, the baseboards, the doors, and the windows (because they didn't look so good). It looks so much better. Crisp, clean, and ooooh so cozy. 

More pictures to come and now I have a nice long list of painting to do. Mostly touch ups and I think it'll make me love this house so much more. 

Switching topics. Can we talk about friends? 
I don't know if I've turned into an introvert or what but I think that making friends as an adult is a tad more difficult than back in school days. Long gone are the days of bonding over Nancy Drew books, N'SYNC, same classes, sports, dreaded teachers, nail polish obsessions, etc. Plus, I find Mark and I are kind of in an awkward stage of life because we're married with no kids so that kind of wedges us out of some circles. Not that we feel shunned or excluded because we don't. Plus, I'm currently partially employed but not working quite yet so I am not really meeting anyone tons of people except at church. Although, Mark and I scoped out the young couples with no kids and the young couples with one or two kids and thank the stars there are some here!!! Now how to approach without appearing overzealous? It's a struggle I tell ya! A struggle! And a ridiculous one at that.  
Well, as luck would have it, I made a friend. AND we live on the same street. AND she's so cool!! I pretty much tried not to act like a gleeful third grader but after we exchanged numbers I couldn't help but act like one when I told (or exclaimed, cried out excitedly, beamed) Mark, "I MADE A FRIEND!" We went running this morning and it was glorious. Not so much the running because, well, running up hills when you've been running at or near sea level for the past 3 years, AND trying to talk (animatedly), AND being slightly out of shape, makes for a nice challenge but it. was. GREAT! Yay for friends! 

Then, after finally receiving a piece of official mail to prove I now live in Washington, I rode my bike to the library and got myself a library card!!! Our neighborhood is amazing. Tree-lined, quiet streets and the weather is crisp and very fall-like today. GLORIOUS. These library workers are either going to love me or hate me because I requested a lot of books today. Also I borrowed "The Hundred-Foot Journey" because I heard it was better than the movie and since I am so infatuated with the movie, I think I'm going to love it! Plus I got a few more books...and they may or may not be related to France/cuisine/cooking and the like. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have books to read (and probably a few more to request...heeheehee)! 

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Renae said...

Loved your friends section! I think making friends in a new place as a married person can be so hard, especially at church because you kind of have to make 4 people all be friends instead of just 2...we would always invite 2 or more couples over at the same time just to play games or something and then the conversation didn't lag as much because there were more people...and we got to know more people, too.

PS your room is super cute!