Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Adventures

Today was great!

But this morning I thought I was going to die. 

Mark and I were lazily lying in bed when all of the sudden I saw Mark's expression change as we heard a weird noise on the roof. Mark whispered, "someone's on the roof!", jumped out of bed, grabbed a weapon and went downstairs to check it out. What a way to really wake up. I stayed in bed, paralyzed with fear, heart hammering in my chest, waiting to hear Mark shout or attack someone, while trying to convince myself no idiot would try to scale our house in broad daylight when I HEARD footsteps running on the roof and thinking I could at least glimpse at the culprit from my room (and slam and lock the windows so he or she wouldn't get in) I jumped out of bed and peered out to see this:

TURKEYS!!!! STUPID WILD TURKEYS!!!!!!!! A turkey was running on our roof and then flew down to meet his buddies just as I looked out our window. I had seen this rafter (yes we looked up what a group of turkeys is) of turkeys a few weeks ago in someone's yard while running and our neighbor had warned us about them but I didn't actually think they'd get on our roof!!! And we live on a busy street too! Mark offered to shoot one (joking, kind of) for a nice dinner tonight but I said no. But after I saw that one of those punks had broken one of my flower pots, I may have reconsidered. Fortunately for them by that time they have moved on to other yards. Jerks. 

I have been looking forward to this Saturday for weeks. When we moved (and even before) here, I scouted out and made a list of places to go and check out, plus people at church recommended a few places and one of them was Green Bluff Growers. It's incredible. If you've never been and you live in, near, or are visiting Spokane, definitely check it out. It's a huge association (~40-50) of local farmers that sell their produce year round or in season; that is a terrible description and doesn't do it justice. And I don't mean an on-the-corner-pop-up stand; I'm talking ACRES of  produce: apples (several different kinds I mean come on, we're in Washington here), pears, peaches, plums, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, huckleberries, lavender fields, pumpkins, squash, Christmas trees, etc., etc., etc. Now through October is the big fall festival so every weekend some of the bigger farms have corn mazes, pumpkin, apple, and pear picking, apple cider, hay rides, petting zoos, live music, food; it's amazing! Now I'll admit, my motive was to find a grower that sells legit, delicious Macintosh apples because this New England girl is feeling a little left out and deprived in the Land of Apples. Well, I scouted out the website and a brochure I got at the library and I found a few that sell my beauties! Mark and I invited our new friends and neighbors to come and it was the best day ever. We had a blast! 

We temporarily adopt this kiddos as our own when we are with them.

First stop: Harvest House

So many cool pumpkins! Round, flat, white, orange, "warty"

Annie is a beast and an adorable one at that! She was picking up and pumping pumpkins like dumbbells. 

Pumpkin donuts made right in front of us and this one was still warm
Oh heaven.

Now we know how Tilly and Justin feel. 
Everyone kept looking at us and the girls so we pretended that Tilly was "Aunt Tilly"-ha! It was fun!

We love them!!!!

Next up: Forgot the name but they had a petting zoo, teepees, and I FOUND MACINTOSH APPLES!!!

Annie was not so sure about this ram.

The biggest sunflowers I do believe I have ever seen 

I adore this picture because I adore these three ladies, and, we are in a teepee.

Next: We were now on the hunt to find the cheapest cider and pumpkins. No go at this place BUT we found Tilly and Justin's future dog. 

Then we went back to Harvest House and bought our treats: apple cider, pumpkin donuts, and pumpkins!
And then a few of these guys rolled in:

Annie being a monkey. I just couldn't resist since the girls are still a little shy and won't do their tricks, as Tilly calls them, around us quite yet so when they do, I get very excited! 

Our goods from the day (ooooooh my lantus that kettle corn was so good! Well everything was!)

Opened the apple cider and we are pleased that it is tasty both cold and hot. 

Oh fall. How I love you.

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