Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Ok. Last summer at this exact same time I was introduced to the "Twilight" series. I was on a post-Harry Potter depression as I had finally decided to bite the bullet and finish the HP series. My original plan was to watch the movies first and then read the books because that way the book can fill in the gaps and explain things more vividly than the movie ever could. That plan failed. Not only was everyone and their dog talking about HP all the time and what happened in the final book but I decided waiting another 5+ years for the final movie was pointless. So, I was done, read books 4-7 in about 2 weeks and was depressed. It was over. Enter: Twilight. My friend Brittany told me that I would love them but to be open-minded in the beginning. It's a good thing because the first book took about 100 pages to get me intrigued. I mean a human falling in love with a vampire...not exactly my kind of story. I ate through the 2nd and 3rd book and was SO depressed that I had to wait a whole year for the final book. Good thing I finished them right before school so school quickly occupied my life and my yearning for the 4th book was set aside.
Then as the book was released (I had forgotten the date but knew it was sometime in August and was too preoccupied with working that I wasn't quite as hungry for it as last summer) my mom informed me she had bought all 4 books. She got them on Saturday and I spent EVERY spare moment reading as fast as I could. My eyes hurt but the book was AWESOME. It consumed my thoughts as I was forced to put the book down to sleep, eat, work, shower. It was ridiculous but I love those books. Stephenie Meyer is an INCREDIBLE writer and that is an underestimation. You have to read her books to appreciate how she sucks you into the characters' mind, soul, heart, being.
I definitely love finding good books and this series, despite my skepticism in the beginning, was well worth it.

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