Sunday, August 10, 2008

sunday scribblings: Ask

My favorite question to ask is nothing exciting (well actually it me!). It is the very simple, "why?".

This is my most favored question because it gets me answers. I don't mean in the stereotypically pitiful way as in "why me?," "why does this happen to me?," but in the I am genuinely curious way. I am an extremely curious person and over the years I've shed my fear of asking questions....for the most part. Perhaps it has to do with my desire to learn everything about everything and as soon as I can that I love this question. Also, true to New England, I am direct and blunt (at the expense of tact sometimes) so when I ask a question, usually it's straight to the point. I'm not a beat-around-the-bush kind of girl. I ask questions, sometimes to the shock and/or utter amazement of he/she being asked, with incredible bluntness.

In the end, I usually get the answer or an answer which usually only sparks another "why?" but in the end I've achieved my goal: I've learned something or some things! Hooray!


susan said...


I can relate to your post. I, too, ask a lot of questions. However, as much as I'm interested in learning something, I'm equally intrigued by the asking. Often the question is far more interesting than the response. :-)

mgirl said...

I've always appreciated straight to the point kind of people. No beating around the bush is the way to go.

Gabe said...

Susan-I agree! Forming a question is often part of the glee I get in asking!

mgirl-thank you! :)