Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My flight was perfect. I have no complaints (except for the freakin' obsession people have with AC. Seriously? Seriously? It was 93 degrees in Las Vegas and I was shivering in the airport. Not cool. Not one bit.). It was so weird driving home. I get excited over a lot of things, large and small. When I'm at school, seeing another home state license plate other than my own tickles me to death (it's a rare thing when you're 2500 miles from home). I kept getting that excited feeling as I was driving on 101, only to realize--silly me--I was HOME and I would be seeing a lot these plates for the next 4 months.

First let's talk about the flight, particularly my layover in the Las Vegas airport. I was bored so I decided to write down my observations:
*sitting at my terminal: RED SOX FANS GALORE! That was a wonderful feeling.
*a man who looks like an aged Frodo Baggins, with shoes on so I don't know about the hairy feet...
*bleach blonde lady with ridiculous stilettos (and therefore a
very amusing walk), and definite implants. Yikes.
*a man with a NY Yankees hat that had a strong resemblence to Joe Torre
*of course, slot machines
*old men, fat men, bald me, black men, Asian men, skater boys, pretty boys (they took longer to get ready than me...awkward? For sure.), overly tanned men, men in cowboy hats and boots, attractive gray-haired man
*a man dressed in an
exquisite gray suit, excellent black shoes, and a sharp tie....he was also very attractive and I'll admit I stared for about 30 seconds. A man in a suit kills me everytime.
*a woman spoon-feeding her very chubby baby who kept smiling at me--->reminded me of my Nutrition through the Life Cycle class and how much I am glad to be done with school and finals

Now let's chat home.
I got home around 1am, and under strict orders from mom, was not to stay up unpacking or going online but to get right to bed. So....I first said hello to my precious pooch Scottie, unpacked my laptop, got ready for bed, quickly checked facebook and was asleep around 2am. It wasn't too hard since I was working off of 4 hours of sleep.
Today, I partially unpacked, rummaged through my mom's closet to see the new stuff she's bought (I'm wearing one of her cute new cardigans), and got ready. As tradition, I went to my high school and visited my favorite teachers who are still there: Mrs. Miles (AP Eng/Lit teacher), Madame Hambucken (my French teacher), Coach P (basketball coach), and a few other people. It was so fun. I love Madame Hambucken. I told her I am going to Paris next summer and she screamed for joy. It was hilarious. She's one of the coolest people I have ever met. I aspire to be like her. Then we chatted and it just made my day. I just adore her. Mrs. Miles is just a doll. I was terrified, terrified, of her my junior year and loved her my senior year and from then on. These people are like old friends, I just love it. She had a class so I couldn't stay long but it was so good to see her.
Then I went to visit my friend Aimee at the bank. She's like an older sister to me and it was just fabulous to catch up. Then I went to the library. I was going to go to the beach, but it's gloomy and overcast. Everything is just about to burst open but it's still kind of dead looking. I can't wait for everything to bloom.

Random things:
*my favorite places: the beach, the library, my house.
*I like to see what Mom's been baking since I was last home and our freezer is stuffed with cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and other treats. The candy jars are also filled. Hmmm.....
*my favorite words (this changes, but for now): divine, swell, dreadful, vivacious, splendid, magnanimous
*Sometimes I think I talk too much
*I might get a masters in journalism

Can I just say one thing real quick? I miss college a lot. I am a people person and I miss that. Also for some reason I'm not looking foward to getting back to work...aka being a workaholic. BUT, I remain optimistic because I'm home in New England with a summer of fun ahead of me. Also, I prefer to work a lot and be self-reliant than to ask my mom for money or rely on loans (that's me trying to motivate myself). I know this will wear off in a week or so once I get into my groove but I can't help myself. I just want to call all my friends to talk. I miss them. But, I love being home. I just miss my social life. It's a pretty drastic change. *sigh*
"Forget yourself and go to work"
AND I bought a wicked cute green dress for my best friend's wedding. Heeheehee..
Also...I have yet to see my brother Dane. Where is that kid?

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