Saturday, April 25, 2009

sunday scribblings: follow

#160 - Follow

This is intriguing. At a very basic level let me list the things I do follow:
*the Boston Red Sox-their games, records, scores, and history
*ok, sports in general, which sport depends on the time of year; from here until June: NBA (go Celts!); from then until October: MLB (go Sox!); fall-football; and then it all begins again when bball picks up (and of course in March I get all giddy for March madness)
*I'm trying to follow the world of politics but it's so boring, frustrating, and infuriating all at the same time that I often fail...BUT I try.
*Certain blogs (mostly recipes)

What I really want to say is that I actually don't enjoy being labeled or thought of as a "follower." I did that in high school (thankfully for only a small bit of my high school experience). Yes I was the quiet, shy girl who held the "popular" kids on a pedestal (that is until I got to know a lot of them and realized what a fool I was and how stupid high school socializing really is), dreaming about being invited to hang out with them. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame, with a bolded, capitalized "L." I am bothered when I see people of all ages doing this. I've figured out (rather quickly thank goodness, much of this owing to my awesome mom who doesn't care what most people think of her and does her thing-Go Mom!) that being me is the best thing ever. Application: being yourself is the best thing you'll ever do. Have you ever seen the movie Penelope? Go see it. She was happy with who she was, pig nose and all. I'm pretty happy with who I am-loud laugh, intense personality, ridiculous excitement, sarcam and all.
So back to the following thing. I like to do my own thing--like mother, like daughter. For example: I'm a girl but I love sports-watching, talking, arguing, defending, dissecting, crying, screaming, yelling, cheering. I love everything that comes with sports. I'm independent. I can't help it, it's how I was raised. Truthfully, I hate asking peopel for help-that includes being the damsel in distress. I'd much rather do everything in my power before I ask for help. Stupid? Yes, sometimes. Most of the time though, it's a great learning and growing experience. And yes, call me a mild feminist, but often I like to prove that I am just as capable as anyone, man or woman, to do something (although I'm quite inept at a lot of things, I'll for sure admit that!). I have my own sense of style. Nothing outrageous but it's me and I love it.
My mom once described one of my younger brothers as marching to the beat of his own drum. And for the record, I think the world of my brothers because they lead themselves, and don't give up this vital right to anyone else.
I'm very opinionated on this so I'm just going to end by saying be your best self. There's only one of you so make it count. I'm quite confident you'll be a whole lot happier that way and everyone else will too. Plus, I have the most respect for people who are comfortable with the person that they are. Aren't you?


Tumblewords: said...

Well written wisdom...good post!

The Meyer's said...

I know! Don't you wish you could go to all the high school kids you know and just say "hey, in two years you won't care and you're so much cooler being yourself anyway" or something to that effect. You said it much better, well done. Also... I think I might be becoming a Celtics fan after watching the playoffs. They're enjoyable to watch despite the loss.

calibosmom said...

YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!! I'm totally jammin' to this Lady Gaga!