Thursday, April 30, 2009


If you don't already know, I'm an avid sports fan. My two favorite teams to watch are the Red Sox and the Boston Celtics. I'm very passionate about my sports and my teams. You'd have to be from New England, preferably the Boston area to really understand what being a fan of these teams is like. I should also mention that basketball is by far and large my most favorite sport. That all being said, tonight's game 6 at Chicago was an atrocity.
I have never witnessed a more biased game in my life. From the AWFUL refs to the horrid commentators, it was quite clear who they wanted to win. That's not professional; that's not fair; that's not right. I'm sick of this underdog phenomenon that people, particularly the young, naive, stupid people are going through. What ever happened to cheering for the team that is the best and deserves to win?!?!?! Huh?! Tell me please! Yes the Bulls are doing quite well against the Celtics...without KG and with the help of the referees! I know blaming the refs is typically a cop out complaint, but DID YOU SEE THAT GAME?!?!?!? Allen was CLEARLY behind the 3 point line. The game was as good as done. Oh and let's pause for a moment to chat about the horrendous media. They too are biased (aren't they always)! Yes of course it was Celtics player, Rondo, who flagrantly threw his elbow. The Bulls guy had nothing to do it and heaven forbid a Bulls' player do something naughty. ARE YOU BLIND!?!?! ARE YOU!? OPEN YOUR EYES!
I could go on about steroid use (*cough* A-Rod, er A-fraud *cough*) and how all these supposed all-stars are actually fake, but I have steam coming out my ears from the Celtics game and I need to go to bed. I'm emotionally drained.
I'll end with this. Game 7 is in Boston. That's a death sentence for the Bulls, one I can't wait to deliver. You think the Bulls fans were bad, well, you ain't seen nothing yet. We'll take what was rightfully ours tonight on Saturday. Here we go!

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You tell 'em Gabe!