Thursday, May 7, 2009

lovely day......

Hello friends.

Today was a wonderful day, just peachy! I spent most of it working, but it was a fun day. I actually really enjoy my jobs. Mostly it's the people I work with; they make my day about one hundred times better. One of my jobs is working at a hospital in the kitchen, cafeteria, and with the patients. Today I was out in the cafeteria but every time I went into the kitchen to get something, one of my pals and I would quickly comment about the Celtics' game last night. Did you see it? It was fabulous!!!!! It made me reminiscent of the Celtics from last year and the greatest thing, our bench was rockin' the game. Anyways, work was fun!

Yesterday Grandpa and I put together my beach cruiser (pictures to come when the weather gets better)! It was kind of ridiculous, meaning you assembled one part but then to assemble another part you had to take apart the part you just assembled. SLIGHTLY ridiculous but it got assembled and it rocks! It's so pretty. I took it for a cruise last night and it was wonderful. Today I got home and needed to go to the library to renew my book (The Boston Italians-fabulous! I love Italian anything so of course I love the North End and therefore this book) and get another Diana Krall CD per my mom's request. Drive or ride my sweet new beach cruiser? Well, it's been gloomy and rainy the past few days but I decided to risk it. I changed out my "lovely" work uniform and put on my sweet new jeans I just bought, a cute argyle (I LOVE argyle!) sweater, and some rockin' shoes (which are technically my mom's...), a black raincoat and set off to the library on my mint green beach cruiser with a basket. I couldn't stop smiling. Renewed my book, got the CD and rode back home. Not completely done enjoying my bike, I took it for a spin around town. "Cruisin' the residentials" as my mom likes to say. It was a blast! My chain fell off twice, which is kind of annoying but it took me less than 2 minutes to put it back on and I was cruising again. :) I felt like a young French woman. It was so perfect. *sigh* I am so happy.

Now I'm home and a thunderstorm is approaching and I'm dang excited! I love thunderstorms!!!

Such a splendid day. Absolutely splendid.

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The Meyer's said...

And where are the pictures of this amazing ride?