Sunday, September 27, 2009

sunday scribbling: cheese

The prompt for this week is: cheese. Okay! Now before you go rolling your eyes and judging the prompt, I'd like to explain. Cheese can be a great many things, and have a great many emotions attached. You say, 'Cheese' when someone takes a picture. You eat a certain cheese when you are a kid depending on where you are from. Things can be cheesy in attitude and in flavour. Think outside of the box a little and let us know what you think of cheese.
I LOVE cheese.
As a kid I was all about cheddah and American (yellow, not white).
Now I have expanded my cheese palette to include almost exclusively provolone, swiss (a tad sharp please), and mozzarella (mozzarella, tomato, and basil anyone?? YES PLEASE!).
Although I will say that a good grilled cheese sandwich is best done with cheddah.

I also enjoy cheesy things. Cheesy clichés for example. And who doesn't use and/or like them? I mean we all use them. Yes, yes you do. It may not be out loud, but we all know you at least think of them! I also have fun doing cheesy things with my friends.
Such as: True Blue Football. This entailed a slip-n-slide with blue foam. SO. MUCH. FUN.


Or how about good 'ole fashioned cupcake/frosting fights? This was potentially one of best nights ever.

I took a food science class a couple of years ago and one of our labs involved tasting a W I D E variety of cheeses. Some of them....nasty. I can't believe people actually eat them....
Blue cheese. Gross. It's MOLDY! I wouldn't bite into a block of moldy cheese so why on earth do people like it? Gag me please!
Roquefort cheese. NO. That one was horrid.
Those are the only two I remember in particular causing me anguish and disdain for cheese. Maybe my palette just isn't meant for mold. I'm okay with that. Ick.

All in all, cheese is great whether it's the food, a good cliché, or a good time. I have some provolone in the fridge....bedtime snack??


Heliotropism said...

LOL, I am the queen of cheesey sayings... of which I think and say:)

A-Kap said...

Oooooooo how I loooooove cheese! Goat cheese, brie, camembert, oh man....I could go on and on and on and on.....

songofsea said...

You Cheesy girl...
Looks like you're really enjoying.

Keep blogging !