Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

1. I finally redid my header! New pics and new quote! Wahooo! If you haven't noticed, each picture is of Boston. I'm taking an internship prep class and one of our assignments is to come up with a list of internships to apply to. There are tons and tons of dietetics internships out there so I thought I could come up with a fairly expansive list and then narrow it down as the semester progresses. Nope. Fallacy. My top two are in Boston, one in NH, and one in UT.
I want to go to Boston so badly I could cry trying to tell you had badly I want this. I've dreamt and dream of living in Boston. Seriously. I don't think I've ever wanted anything so badly before. Not to mention this is a HUGE decision and I want it to be right and to be good for me, ya know? You might be thinking it's "only" an internship. This is true...to a point. It's more like grad school and I know that I can go anywhere in the country but I don't want to. It's BOSTON people, BOSTON! Have you ever been there!? It's AMAZING. I'm madly in love with Boston.
I want it badly. Please let me get accepted. Please.

2. Today felt like a fall day and I l o v e d it! Fall is BY FAR my favorite season! Oh happy day!

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Kimi said...

Gabe I found your blog!! Go Boston, go Boston , Go go.