Sunday, October 11, 2009

Really? Seriously?

I really had nothing to say to the writing prompt for Sunday Scribblings again, so I'm writing about something else: facebook statuses.

I will readily admit that I use my facebook status. I go through phases where I'll change it every day and some where I won't have a status for a month or so. It happens.
I've come to the conclusion (thank goodness early on in my facebook-usage), that facebook statuses are to be humorous, witty, sarcastic, silly, informative, exciting, or some sort of interesting update.

I'm so sick of people spilling their drama via their facebook status. OR they act like they are on some ridiculous MTV "reality" show. For example....
"My life sucks."-no it doesn't. That iPhone and Audi, and those $350 jeans and $134 shoes your daddy bought for you disqualify you from using this statement. Suck it up. Everyone has a bad day.

"#$@%! [real words] #$%&*" Do you really need to use the f-word every two words? NO. Open a dictionary or better yet!, go to, and speak English not trash. You're embarrassing me as a human being.

"I hate you. You suck. You should die. You don't deserve to live." Or something like this. Really? Seriously? You are using FACEBOOK to say that??? Maybe, I don't know, be mature and act like an adult and confront the person about it rather than lashing out at them through facebook. You're pathetic. Harsh? Yes. But if you can't be mature enough to deal with it yourself, you need to grow up. Sorry but it's true.

OR let's shift to the teenage drama love-filled ones.....
My most recent favorite: "can't get you off my mind"-Really? Really? If some ump-teen your old wrote that about me, I'd probably be a little freaked out. Flattered, maybe a little since facebook seems to be the new way to express our love for people, and since being a teenager now I'd probably find this a little exciting, but that's not the point. OVER FACEBOOK???? Pathetic. I mean forget face-to-face confrontation. Heavens no. Who DOES that? First we become facebook friends *giggle*, then we make 48 comments on our statuses! Then we might *GASP* move on to texting every 10 minutes and talking loudly and pretending we're really, really important and really, really cool. Gotta love teenagers. And then....(read on).....

....we start quoting sappy RAP/HIP-HOP love songs. I love it when people quote these beautifully written, inspiring, wholesome rap songs to express their love to their significant other via facebook. Oh Lil' Wayne, you really can say it best.

I also love it when these ump-teen year olds lash out at their parents. "I hate my mom." "My parents suck." "$#@!$ you". "My [mom] or [dad] make me so angry." Wow you're cool. You're parents only gave birth to you, pay for probably everything or at least most things, provide a nice car, food, shelter, and money for you to buy that ridiculously expensive outfit you're wearing, the iPod you're listening to, and/or that sweet cell phone you really don't need at the age of 15 or 16.

OR let's discuss those who update their status every hour to two hours.
"I'm hungry" an hour later...."I'm so bored" two hours later "Work 3-7, then nothing...celllll it." Is this AOL Instant Messenger? Instead of posting your lack of things to do followed by your cell phone number (since you know half the people you are facebook friends with won't call you), how about YOU call THEM!??!! And constantly updating this is not going to make me want to call you. You come across as desperate. Stop. Just stop. Desperation and pity are not going to help. Get OFF facebook and call someone or do something please. I beg you. I'm tired of signing on to facebook and YOU-yes you know who you are-taking up my facebook news feed.

Next time maybe we'll discuss those awesome facebook quizzes that ALSO take up my news feed.


Jenna said...

Gabe, How did i NOT know you had a blog? 1. I have a fb friend who I call my "little Eeyore." Status updates include: Do you ever feel lonely in a crowded room? I want to go to Olive Garden, but I have noone to go with. Or sometimes, it's just straight "I'm depressed." Jeeminy. Sounds like we both should do some facebook friend purging.

Karen said...

Agreed. To all of it. Haha you crack me up.

The Meyers said...

It is about time somebody wrote about this. I mean really... "I'm about to go to work".... "I just got off work"...."my life is miserable".... blah blah blah. Suck it up.

Shannon said...

You are witty and insightful. This was a fun read. Better than all those updates.

ps. I found a picture of you from Girls Camp when you were in your first or second year. Sooooo adorable.

Ashley said...

1. You have been more right. About anything, and that's saying a lot.

2. I sometimes wish I could physically hurt those facebook friends that take 20 quizzes an hour and feel the need to post their results... like I care!

3. Jenna- I have a friend like that too. Sometimes I feel bad for laughing at their lack of a life, but then I forget to because I'm laughing too hard.

4. I saw a girl who put the same status for a little over a month, updating it new everyday. It said, "_____knows its never going to happen." Pathetic.

5. I miss your face.

Renae said...

HAHAHAHA what a great post! Love it and love YOU!

Ashley Jensen said...

So I totally didn't know you had a blog and I'm defintely getting a kick out of it! I miss you. I kinda think that some of the old gang should get together some night...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Got here from sunday scribblings and couldn't stop reading. love your blog!
And I couldn't agree more! People can really start getting on your nerves with the constant facebook updating! Its ridiculous. Why they assume I would be interested in knowing how many cows they bought on farmville is beyond me!

I'll be back. :)