Thursday, February 11, 2010

And now....we wait.

It's done. The deed is done. I have sent off my applications for my dietetic internship. This is where you and I breathe a sign of relief. :::::BREATHE:::: Why?! Because now I can stop writing about it until April 5th when I found out where I got accepted (I'm attempting to remain positive and refraining from using "if")!!!


My grandfather told me that when I get accepted, I get to buy us lobster dinners. If the opposite happens, he gets to pay. Better start saving now right???

Ya know, I have to be honest. Mailing them today was rather anti-climatic. I mean the first one (of 4) had an early deadline and that one was exciting but the other 3...not so exciting. More like, "Thank goodness I am done." Oh well. They are off and my future is not officially out of my hands. Yikes. If that isn't terrifying I don't know what is. Ok! Ok, I'm sorry! I'm done! No more posts about it until April...unless something happens between now and then ok? Ok. I know, I'm glad too.

Can I just say one more thing before I go? (I promise it's not related to my internships!) I'm trying to be more positive. Lately I've been surrounded by pessimistic, negative people and it really, really influences me and I hate that. Seriously though. People whine about what day of the week it is, about tests, grades they got (RELAX! It's the first test of the semester), about school, about this and that.



I know the weather sucks and it's gloomy or gross 24/7 right now and we don't even live in England but can we please just stop complaining all of the time. It's making me sad and whiny too and I don't like that.

I wish I were near the ocean right now because that's my favorite place to go. This is me pretending I'm sitting on a rock on a crisp winter day in New England peering out at the ocean and being very, very happy. Then I'd go look for sea glass and listen to the waves and the seagulls and smell that salty, briny smell and be in my happy place. My mom always told me growing up when I would wrinkle my nose in disgust as we drove along the coast that someday I would miss that smell. She was right. I do.

I need it. But, I can't have it. Maybe I'll go swing on some swings!


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giulia said...

Loved this! I'm jealous of your writing skills and the ease at which it flies out of your fingers. :)
You know what's funny? I wish I was at BYU and enduring the "can't snow/won't rain/ overcast/muggy" days of living in Provo. :) Well, maybe I don't particularly miss THAT, but I sure miss Provo.