Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday was a horrid day. No, seriously. I think I have pneumonia. That, or Utah's CRAPPY air quality is really starting to irritate my lungs so in response, I have a horrendous cough that sounds like I'm dying. It sucks.

I had a coughing attack in the middle of my biochem class, which is all of 45 students and it was loud and obnoxious and I started to choke and left class for about 35 minutes. Yeah, good times.

This = me

Then I realized I had turned in the rough draft of an assignment instead of the final draft when I conveniently opened my binder and found my final draft. Wow. Almost had a heart attack. Embarrassing. I frantically e-mailed my professor and TA. It's ok. She still accepted it. Whew.

Then had a HORRIBLE evening. HORRIBLE. So I cried. A lot ok? A lot. And all I wanted was a huge hug from my mom. You know what I'm talking about. No one gives hugs like moms do. Too bad it was about 1:30am and my mom is 3,000 miles away. So I cried more, like a small child and it felt good. Sometimes all you need is a good cry. I slept in today and it was perfect. I felt much better.

So the point being, I love my friends. LOVE them. You really know who your true friends are when you are feeling low and sick and horrible and sad and miserable. I'm blessed, I mean seriously blessed with good friends. My roommate was fantastic last night when I had my breakdown. My friend Erinn was there for advice and a few laughs. We're practically the same person, yet she's the more mature version so she rocks.

Then I spent the evening watching a friend and his band rock out. It was awesome. I decided I'm a huge fan of the club scene. It's just cool and listening to bands is so fun. All the different sounds and styles are so interesting. AND sometimes I love loud music so going to the club to see my friend perform was awesome.

Part of the club/café
I love to rock out sometimes! And I went with my dearest guy friends--I mean these guys are probably some of my favorite guys in the world--and my roommate Beca. You really can't be in better company and they are exactly what I needed. Then we hit a sweet dance party and danced the night away, made a grocery store run where I bought Doritos (Cool Ranch, obviously!) and Cadbury eggs (ooooooh yes I love these around Easter time! The hard-shelled candies with chocolate inside) and we ate them all. Bliss!

I love my friends. They are my family away from family.

Love you guys.


Je.suis.Steph said...

Oh my goodness. Cadbury eggs are my absolute FAVORITE!

The Meyers said...

I don't know if I would say I am more mature. But, we definitely are the same person!

Glad you enjoyed your night! What a perfect ending to a crappy week (also, your activity for tonight!).

And, I also am in love with Cadbury! Yum!

Much love.

Rebeca said...

i love you too gsnap.