Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Hair

So I have thick, naturally curl red hair. In the summer it's basically a ginormous frizz ball and year round I refer to it as the jungle, the mane, the fro, etc. Well, last night I washed my hair and I decided to let it do its thing. So when I woke up it was curly, voluminous, and I went to work that way. Well, I was sitting in my staffing meeting today (which took 3 hours, by the way, and we rounded on about 20 patients...for the love!) and we were waiting for a new OT/PT team to come in and report progress on one of the patients. Dr. W, who I just think is hilarious and while many people may not appreciate his snide, sarcastic, sassy remarks, I find them delightfully amusing. Maybe because none of them have yet to be directed towards me, but I think he's funny and it brings a certain comic relief to an otherwise very drab and sometimes sad environment (hospitals do tend to be a tad gloomy, stressful, and hectic sometimes). 
I was sitting in my seat minding my own business when Dr. W looks at me and said, "Wow, Gabe, you have big hair today. What are you, going shopping or something?" I thought it was funny and actually I've thought about this scene several times today and just giggled out loud. Yes, yes, I have big hair because I'm going shopping. Oh lantus, I'm in the south. So I turned to him and said, "No, I am not. This is my mane in all of its natural glory." To which he started giggling. Whether he intended to make fun of me or not, I thought it was amusing.

Cheers to big hair! Sorry, no picture of the 'fro. Couldn't find one in my collection that did it justice and I'm not taking a picture because I had to tame the beast and tie it back because it was driving me CRAZY. So this will have to do:
                                                                                                   Picture from here
Yup. That looks about right. 

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A-Kap said...

I love your posts so much I can hardly stand it. And I LOOOVE that mane of yours!!!!