Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today is the day friends. The day I received my first...real.....

Woo! And today I also booked my first business trip. Yup. I'm feeling pretty spiffy. I'll be headed to Atlanta for 3 days for training in a couple of months and I'm pretty excited. I've never been to Atlanta. I'm hoping to meet some cool people while I'm there and then we can go out on the town! That or I'll just explore on my own. Done and done. 

Also. Tomorrow is Thursday, which means it's closer to Friday, which means it's closer to Sunday which means it's closer to SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. Which means it's closer to me making homemade pretzels (the same recipe Erinn, Stephanie and I used to make pretzels at BYU! YUM!) and watching the Patriots beat the Giants. 


Erinn Meyer said...

Pretzels!! Haha - I think I might make pretzel bites w/ ham and cheese for the superbowl... Glad to know we still think alike.

Saveme said...
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