Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Friday??? Already??

Wasn't it just Friday? This week flew by! Wow! I'm done with my official training. Dun dun dun. Monday I fly solo. Actually today I flew solo and it went pretty well so here's hoping Monday goes well (and every day after that!).

I passed Dr. W in the stairwell today. He told me he had to report to my boss. I did not know this. Oh boy. Ooooh boy. Then he told me he was going to tell her he was very pleased with my work and that I had done a very nice job so far. My response, in true uper-excited Gabe form "REALLY?!?!" SCORE!!!!! He laughed at me, made a sarcastic remark about me being an iffy hire and then told me to have a good weekend and Go Patriots! On Thursday during our staffing meeting, Dr. W was talking about Kevin Youkilis, from my beloved Red Sox, and then mentioned something about the Yankees so I asked him if he was a Yankees fan. He couldn't the get words, "ABSOLUTELY NOT" out of his mouth fast enough. Once again, did I mention Dr. W is awesome? I'm a fan.

So let's talk about what's on for this weekend shall we?
Tonight: Date night. I'm going on a triple blind date! The other couples are my new friends Derek and Ashley, and Ali and Dave and they are some of the coolest people I have met and I'm a) excited to go on a date, and b) excited to hang out with them. I'm being set up with Derek's friend and old roommate. I suspect loads of fun and I'm wicked excited!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday: Sleeping in. Can I just tell you how wonderful is has been to sleep through the entire night the past 2 days? I am one very happy and well rested girl right here. Grocery shopping....yaaaah! Food :) Ingreds for pretzels and maybe homemade snickers bars, or I might just make more no back oatmeal peanut butter cookies since I'm currently on a wicked peanut butter kick. Dinner tonight was a toasted PB + banana sandwich. Oh yummmmmm. Cleaning. Running. Probably a visit to the library. THEN. I'm joining Ali, and maybe Ashley and Derek, to watch Dave's basketball team. Fun Fact. Dave played for Carolina Coastal and now coaches/plays. Another fun fact. I was torn between asking him what his position was and not asking because he's like 6'4 so I assumed forward. No, no Gabe. He was a guard. I forget that as you move up towards the pros, the centers/forwards are usually 6'11 or something. What? They look so small on TV!!! Anyway. Basketball? Friends? HECK YES! Again, I'm wicked excited. 

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Sunday: Church and then....SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been invited to cheer on the Patriots with my fellow dietitians and I'm stoked. 

Off to get dolled up for my date. Ciao! 

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