Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Serendipity

I just can't get over the weather. It's in the 70s today. My windows are open. There is a slight breeze every now and then. There is a pond with a fountain (which you can see in the photo below) behind my place. The sound of water is very serene, don't you think? It's very enjoyable. A delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

So a re-cap on the weekend: It was wonderful. I've not had this much fun in a while. I mean it was really, really a blast. Smiled a lot, laughed a ton, saw a lot of new things, got to hang out with some sincerely amazing people. Overall, spectacular. Friday we went to an arcade on the beach where we played skee ball, basketball, the original Pac-Man, and several other fun games. I have decided I love arcades and that I have a bit of talent in skee ball. Contenders beware! Afterward we went to Donut Man and it brought me such delight to see cops in there getting doughnuts. I mean the stereotype is funny, only to be made better when it's actually true. I tried not to keep sneaking glances at them and whispering to my friends but I couldn't help it! Boston Creme and glazed doughnuts all the way! Yum! Epic evening. I can't tell you how much fun it was. 
Saturday began with a letter waiting for me from one of my bests, Jenna. I always look forward to her letters and I skipped back to my car when I got it and couldn't wait to get home to read it. Response on its way! 

Then we spent the afternoon at WonderWorld, which is an interactive science museum type place. It was awesome. Children and adults alike will find it fun and entertaining. Truly, it was a blast. The entrance alone could have kept me amused for hours!!! (You see this a lot in haunted houses where you walk through a room and the room is "spinning" and you feel like you are walking sideways or will fall over the railing, you know what I mean right? LOVED it. And yes I did walk through the room several times. Then the kids caught on and took over. Bummer.) SO fun. Then we popped into "It's Sugar," got some licorice to sample (chocolate licorice is my favorite. Don't diss it until you tried it) and walked around Broadway at the Beach some more. Then we went to watch our friend Dave and his rec team win yet again (they are undefeated!) 118-91. I love basketball, that's all that needs to be said. It was fabulous. Splendid weekend. I look forward to more like it!!!

Homemade pretzels with mustard and pizza sauce. I'm ready for the Super Bowl!

Oh. And. I replenished the candy drawer :)  

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