Monday, February 6, 2012


I really miss these beautiful people. 

And these two, are by far, the studliest men I know.

And sometimes, just sporadically, I get a pang and a longing for New England. I'm not homesick, don't misunderstand. I'm really happy in SC. It's great here and I'm really lovin' my life (today was my first day SOLO at work! Woo woo!). I've got some great plans in store and I've made some faaaabulous friends. But sometimes I'll see someone who reminds me of someone back home, or a smell will remind me of something, or I'll randomly think of my favorite ocean spot or my favorite bookstore, or my darling Boston. Little things like that. I just love New England so much. It's been good to me and I miss it and my peeps back home. Thank you dear New England friends for your texts and messages. They truly make my day and  know that I think of you all everyday. Miss you lots. Xoxo!

P.S. Freckles the Nerd is going on a grand adventure soon (aka this week sometime). I've planned it out. Get pumped! It'll be a party for your brain cells and synapses, and of course, your tastebuds!!! 

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A-Kap said...

We sure miss you!!!! But I am SO HAPPY to hear that you are lovin' life so much in SC. That is GOOD stuff!! Woo HOO!!!!