Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pour Me a Tall One

Make it a double.
I even defrosted a 100 Grand bar. 
 It was that kind of day.  

Actually I finished up 8 patients by 12:30 so I was rockin' and pretty pleased with the morning. In fact, one of my tube feeders is eating enough for me to completely discontinue her tube feeds and she is making serious strides. I'm so proud of her and her husband is the cutest man ever. I hope I marry someone like him. It's so refreshing and precious to see old people who are still madly in love. 

On the flip side, I have a patient dying of cancer with several serious medical complications and it's heart-breaking trying to encourage him to eat. He is giving up. He's so discouraged and I just don't know how to motivate him or what to do really. I asked him what his favorite thing to eat is and he lit up and said, "lobster tail." I told him we're kindred spirits, and that made him smile (score!). Maybe I'll bring him a lobster tail. This isn't Maine but surely someone around here must have a good lobster tail, right??

And FOR THE LOVE I do not want to ever be a manager. NO THANK YOU. Good night. I am training with my manager right now so I had until 1pm to get my patients done (hence the busting them out) and then I was scheduled to train until 5pm. OH. MY. LANTUS. So much paper work and policies and procedures and blah blah blah. I love my job, I do. I love my field and I am devoted and committed. I worked my tailfeathers off to get to where I am and I will work hard to learn and grow and be the best RD that I can, BUT I refuse to be a psycho career woman. My career is my job, not my life and no, actually I do not want to be at work 12 hours per day, 5-6 days per week. Get this. Technically I'm a manager (how? I have no idea...) so I am expected to work 9-10 hours per day. Uh, ok. That is definitely NOT reflected in my paycheck. Rude. Plus, you know, I have other interests I'd like to work on, talents to develop, friends to see, people to hang out with, and a life to live. Ask me to give a presentation, let me do rounds, let me work with the doc and nurse and the team and I'll do it with glee. Let me see my patients!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! I would muuuuch prefer interacting with patients, even the cranky ones! Let me at 'em! Please!!! I love my manager. She is awesome, the best manager I could ask for and she is definitely the woman for the job but, oh my lantus I could not wait to get back to my office.  

Fun Fact about me: I am an ACMD-adult chocolate milk drinker (nickname given to me during my internship. I basically thrived and survived those 10 months with a daily fix of chocolate milk). I love chocolate milk. I could drink it all day, err day. 
Mmmm! Mmmm! Good to the last drop. 
And yes it did hit the spot.
Off to run.

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