Monday, January 30, 2012

Gabe the Ravenous Chocoholic and Mondays

First of all let's just talk about yesterday. I was going insane for something sweet and trying my hardest not to binge and eat the entire bag of 100 Grand bars. Plus...they were frozen and I refused to wait for them to defrost. I didn't feel like trying to make chocolate chip cookies again but I needed something STAT!!! Enter: No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, introduced to me in 2006 by the one and only Shawna Gobble. I was doing the ultimate multitasking: talking to Clary (while she was making cookies and chicken-fried rice), making the cookies, eating the "dough," cleaning, and doing the dishes. I was so impatient that I stuck them in the freezer. Mission accomplished. They were (are) scrumptious! I scarfed down...well it doesn't matter how many but there are plenty left over. Yum. YUM! YUM! YUM!  

It's Monday. This means that Sunday nights I don't sleep well. I know that Mondays are always busy at the hospital because we have to do additional work from over the weekend since we're not fully staffed on the weekends so that kept me tossing and turning. Plus, I had some crazy vivid dreams last night. I was living in NYC (which was incredible!!! BLISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!) and I was friends with Reagan (I love her blog) and her husband Jake. It was awesome. I woke up at 2am and for some reason kept thinking I had to get up soon. When I finally realized it was 2am and that meant I could sleep for 4 more hours, I happily slipped back into slumber only to toss and turn and re-position myself dozens of times, fall asleep and repeat. Then I work up at 6:05 which is basically a death sentence since it's pointless to go back to sleep when I know my alarm is going to go off in 20 minutes! I got out of bed and the first thought that came to mind was, "I can't wait to get back into bed tonight."
Then I got in my car and my gas light blinked...drats. Last week I saw gas for $3.07 and I don't know who got ticked off or what but now gas is $3.32 and I'm severely annoyed. Please, PLEASE just stay under $3 (and while you're at it feel free to go back to $1.50). And another light stayed on. Let me just tell you, when ANY light stays on, I freak out. A light stayed on. I panicked. 
Usually my thoughts immediately go something like this: My car is going to explode or Something is going to internally blow up or My tire is going to go flying off on my way to work, I'm going to swerve, kill myself and maybe someone else or My tire is going to pop and I'm going to lose control and flip over and then my car will explode. Clearly I watch a few too many action-packed movies where cars explode. I like those movies. Anyway, I looked it up in the handy dandy driver's manual and discovered it was telling me the tire pressure was low. Ok great, thanks...WHICH TIRE?!?! So I called my mom, because that's what I always do when I start to panic about something, and she told me to just bring it to the dealer. Well, that would involve me being tormented from now until I brought it to the dealer. And that would involve me finding the closest dealer, figuring out when I could bring it in, and then bringing it in. Do you know how long that might require me to be tortured by this horrid light????? TOO LONG! I was convinced I just needed to put air in my tires so I did and that annoying little light went off. YAH! Feelin' good. Feelin' good. 

But despite the restless sleep, crazy morning, tire fiasco, and it just being a Monday, today was pretty swell. I saw a whoppin' 12 patients today and all on my own but one. I wrote orders, called nurses, made jokes with patients, busted out notes like I was a veteran, and had a good day. BUT OH MY LANTUS can I just tell you something AWKWARD that happened??? I cover the rehab floors (which means hip and knee replacements) so I went upstairs during lunch time to check on a few patients while they ate and one notorious patient (who is REALLY sketchay) stopped me. He has a deep, hoarse whisper, and a gaze that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, and he speaks in puffs like this: Hey. How. are you? What. is. your name? Pictured it? Creepy right? Well keep reading. I introduced myself and he shook my hand and then...he KISSED my hand. Now, had he been younger, not in the hospital, and attractive, I might have blushed and been flattered. But since the circumstances weren't even close to that...OHmylantus. OHmygosh. Ohmylantus. Ohmyuncomfortable. Oh my. Oh gosh. OH gosh. Oh please don't touch me. I know, some of you may think I've overreacted but forthelove, no. NO. I'm a woman and I think we are born with a little innate alarm that goes off when we sense a creeper. At least I'm convinced I have an alarm and it goes off when I sense as sketchy situation and a creeper. Just sayin'. Shockingly enough, I maintained my composure and chatted for a moment more and then off I went to bathe my hand in hand sanitizer and soap and water. OOOOOH creepy. Gotta love working in healthcare. 

So that was my day. It was good. I can't wait to go to the gym, shower, and then curl up in bed and read. Well, really I just can't wait to curl up in bed and read. I'm currently reading, "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. I highly recommend it and any of his books. I've read his book, "Outliers." VERY interesting and insightful and just delightful reads. Peace out! 

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