Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This studly young man....

has been accepted....
to Brigham Young University!!!!
My brother will be following in my, and our brother Heath's, footsteps. I'm so dang proud. SO PROUD!!!! I knew about it Saturday and in all of my moping around I forgot to mention it. He will love it. I can't wait for him to go! I can't wait. 

In other news...I had sushi tonight at Myabi's and I loooooooved it. I wasn't very hungry at lunch so when dinner rolled around I was wicked hungry. Between the 5 of us we ordered 7 or 8 rolls. We also ordered some salmon appetizer, which was really raw salmon in some sauce or glaze or something, and I was nervous to try it. Raw of sketches me out. But, it was deeeeelicious. When my dear, darling, fabulous other half comes to visit--the one and only Clary--we will be going there and I can hardly wait to take her. I know she will love it and it is she who introduced me to sushi a year ago and I have been in love with it ever since. So whenever we get together, we make it a priority to get sushi. Traditions, I love them. 

Also, Joint Commission (here on out known as JC) has finally arrived (almost 2 months late!) to survey the hospital I work at and to give us our 2-year accreditation. It's not mandatory for hospitals to do this, but if you are accredited by JC, you are a top dog. My impression is, you'd be stupid not to be accredited by JC. BUT. Their presence, and by their I mean the 4 commissioners, has kept us all on edge anxiously waiting for one of them to approach us and start asking us questions. Basically it's like an oral exam and you're praying they don't pick you and that if they do, you know the answer and don't stutter and stammer like an idiot. I've been warned they might pull my file since I'm the new kid on the dietetics block. Great. Well, good thing I updated my portfolio last night! We have a quick emergency meeting this morning with our manager going over answers to questions they might ask. Additionally, we go about our business talking in hushed tones, suspiciously eyeing anyone we don't recognize who walks around in a business suit with one or two of the hospital's top dogs with them, making phone calls and sending e-mails of JC sitings, and basically trying to see patients as stealthily as possible and then dodging as fast as possible back into our office with the door mostly closed and praying they don't come knocking, literally. Good times. Good thing I have Friday off! Well, hopefully. My manager told me today there is a possibly I will have to come in. Huh. Ok. 

Once again, not feeling too good today and I chalk it up to, well, a few things but mostly sleep deprivation related to spending too much time on YouTube music adventures, reading [I found my first Alexander McCall Smith book that I hated, not disliked, hated.I DO NOT recommend "Heavenly Date and Other Flirtations." It's a stupid book with some whacked out, distorted, weird stories. I do not like books like this. Do not read it], and Facebook, as evidenced by my inability to get to sleep prior to midnight, feeling lethargive, and feeling very unmotivated to work out, all of which are having a bad effect on my health. How's that for PES statement??? (Likely only dietitians/dietetics students would get that. Sorry.) Can you tell I've had a long work-week? Yes. I have. 10-11 hour days don't exactly pump up my energy level and it's far from motivating me to hit up the gym after work. Basically I'm whining. How obnoxious. Slap my wrist right now. Thanks. I'm going to bed. Good night!!!

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Ashley Jensen said...

That's really exciting for your brother. My brother will be coming out to Utah for his first year too!