Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello Old Friend

I was sitting outside on my balcony watching and listening to the lightning and thunder storm a few minutes ago. Apparently we have weather warnings for high wind speeds and possible tornadoes. Nifty. The wind was rocking my windows earlier. I loooooove thunder. I cherish the nights where I fall asleep to rain and wake up in the middle of the night to booming, cracking thunder and lightning storms. The best-ever thunder storm I have ever experienced was in August 1998 a day or two after I moved to NH. I have yet to experience thunder of that magnitude. It was awesome

I went running this morning....OUTSIDE. It was in the 70s, hazy, humid, and overcast. Perfect for running, at least for me. And I'm pretty sure I got some new freckles. Hooray!!! It was a rough run being that I've felt a little blah this week but I did a little over 3.5 miles in 30 minutes. Not too shabby. Then I sped walked through the residentials near my condo complex. Lots of copy-cat houses but still, it was fun to meander through neighborhoods. Except, there was one peculiar neighborhood where the houses reminded me of stepford houses, not pretty and elegant or anything, but bizarre. The only way to enter the house is through the garage. So instead of having the front of your house face the street, the garage faces the street and then behind that is the house, all of which are surrounded by an ugly fence. I didn't realize we lived in the an uber-private area. It looks so weird, like a street of storage garages but no, they are houses. UUUUUUG-ly. No thank you. Nope. 

Events of the day:
Got gas.  I felt pretty spiffy finding a cheaper gas station. And by cheaper I mean a whopping $3.44/gallon. Ouch. Then I put air in my tires because that stupid light came on again. But now it's off and my OCD/panic is once again at ease. I was going to get my car washed but the first car wash I went to was asking $25-$150???? Uh no. $5 and I'll do it myself thanks. Oh the luxuries of living in a home: a hose, a street, and the ability to wash your own car. I like washing my car. I miss being able to do that. I decided to wash my car tomorrow or Monday. Good thinking because it's raining right now and I got a sweet coupon in the mail today, for a car washing place in the mail. Score! 

Next--the library. Returned some books and got some new ones! I couldn't find any fiction books that caught my eye or attention so I settled for some educational books. EXCEPT. Hold the phone people. One of my ALL-TIME favorite authors FINALLY has a new book coming out in March or April. I can't remember the date exactly and it doesn't matter but for the love I cannot wait. Ladies and Gents, I bring you "The Shoemaker's Wife" by the one, the only, Adriana Trigiani. I love this woman. I love her books. I love her life. I love her family history. I want to be her friend. I love Italy and she fuels my passion, love, desire, and admiration for all things Italian. I am STOKED for this book. Yes I already reserved it.
Anyway, having no luck with the fiction section, I stumbled up a book called, "10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America." It's pretty interesting so far and doesn't discuss the days you would think like the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln's assassination, the Gettysburg Address, etc. Rather, the less-known, but equally important events like Shay's Rebellion and the assassination of President McKinley. 
The book was written in conjunction with the series for The History Channel but the author did not work with the filmmakers so he offers some additional facts and insight (I didn't watch the series but that's what the introduction said!). I also got a book called, "Salt: A World History." Yes, it's a book about salt. Table salt. NaCl (fun fact, salt is actually only 40% sodium. If you go on jeopardy and get this question and win because you read it, I only ask for 10% of your winnings. Deal? Ok, great!). The stuff I tell people with hypertension, strokes, massive heart attacks, etc. to stay away from. When I was doing my internship in Tucson, we worked closely with the AWESOME sous chef at the hospital, Jonathan. He has got to be one of the coolest, most talented, level-headed, fun people I have ever met. He recommended the book almost a year ago and it popped into my head today and now it's mine to read. I suspect it will be very interesting. Additionally, I found three films for me to watch over the weekend and I'm tickled! An Audrey classic, a delightful romance, and a French foreign film. Yes please!(Second only to my obsession and love for Italy is France: the language, the food, the people, the history. Actually, it's not second, it's a rival). 

Finally, I went for a stroll on the beach. OH. MY. LANTUS. It was wonderful. I went to the Garden City Pier but the pier is apparently off limits until tourist season, (uh, ok. LAME.) so I took a leisurely stroll along the Atlantic and for a wee bit of my day, I was back at home: the mesmerizing, soothing, crash of the Atlantic to my left, sand under my toes, and beach houses to my right. Bose headphones have nothing on the Atlantic and the wind roaring in your ears. I was basically in heaven. The only thing missing were ginormous rocks for me to climb, seaglass for me to spot and add to my ever-expanding collection, and the Isles of Shoal in the distance. But it was really cool to see a long line of my footprints in the sand behind me. And it was super fun to watch seagulls chillin' on one leg in the seafoam (why do they do that? One leg?) and flocks (Groups? I have no idea of the correct term here) of pelicans flying in formation overhead. It was absolutely soothing. I didn't find any seaglass, but I did find some treasures! I collect seashells, seaglass, smoothed over pretty stones, and any other nifty things I find at the beach. Herein begins my new collection from SC! I may go for another stroll tomorrow. And Sunday. And Monday. And as often as I can before the tourists take over. 

Delightful to be with you again my dear old friend
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Photo from here (I forgot to bring my camera! Again!)

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I've read that 10 events that changed history book- I agree, it is really nifty :)