Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Sweetness

It's Sunday. 
It's been a wonderful day. Quite possibly one of the best days this year. I can't stop smiling and there are many good things coming this year. Big things. Great things. I am just buzzing, floating, and beaming with excitement and happiness.

 I like to bake on Sundays. I have been jammin' to some tunes via YouTube. Of note, my favorite instruments are the violin (Jenna when you come, PLEASE can you bring your violin and serenade me with some tunes?!?! Pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleeeeeease? My best friend, Jenna Jo, is an AH-MAZING violinist. AH-mazing people), the flute, and the bagpipes. So I've been listening to some instrumentals tunes which led me on a YouTube adventure to Celtic Women--love them--and then to David Archuleta. He's so cute and sweet. And his voice! Wow. 

So I've been kind of all over the YouTube universe, and all the 
while baking chocolate chip oatmeal banana cookies because, you see, I had 2 bananas sitting on my counter. Fun fact about Gabe-I do not like overripe bananas. Slightly green, or maybe just turned yellow and I'll eat it. Yum! Perfection. After that, I'll pass. Yuck. Too sweet. These bananas were definitely too sweet (spotted, soft, you know, screaming, "bake me please!!!") and my bread bans are still in Nevada so I had to come up with something different. Not in the mood for muffins, I opted for cookies!!!! 

Yum! Except I kind of wish I had made them with butterscotch chips because the chocolate chips are a tad overpowering. Yummy, but WHABAM! there is definitely some chocolate in these scrumptious goodies. 

The texture is quite fabulous. Chewy. Soft. 
Oaty (I know. This is not a Merriam-Webster recognized word. 
Give it some time. If bootylicious can make it so can oaty).
Perfect. Texture like cake only a little denser. 

Recipe here

Mmm! Mmm! P.S. I am officially a fan and loyal user of parchment paper. It makes the baking life SO much easier. Why oh why haven't I used it sooner?!?! 
Now I know. If you don't use it, start NOW. Next, I'm off to watch a flick. 
Quite possibly, "Les Destinees," and then the Academy Awards.


A-Kap said...

Yer mean for not explaining the first paragraph. It can't be just that it's Sunday.... Sundays are great 'n all, but not THAT great! Wut up girlie? Do tell.....

Sarah said...

I love Sunday baking too!! Oh, and if you like parchment paper, you would loooove a Silpat! I discovered the joys of parchment paper this past year but then got a Silpat for Christmas and it is amazing! Basically parchment paper that you can reuse forever (or maybe not quite forever... but close). I haven't had a chance to use it a whole lot, but if you like baking breads, I hear it is also great to knead bread and stuff on too.

Sean said...

Glad you left a recipe! I am going to try this very soon!