Monday, February 27, 2012

Retail Therapy, Warm Rain, and Wishes

I cannot do it.

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No really, I cannot indulge in retail therapy. I tried today. Really. I did. I went to the tempting stores: Barnes and Noble, Anthropologie, Bi-juju (jewelry) thinking maybe I could find a little treasure to adorn my nook or wardrobe or life with. People, I TRIED. I think the problem stems from the fact that I don't really need any sort of therapy right now (yay!). My current nemesis is boredom and well, buying clothes when I don't have a need for them or a reason or event to wear them to just doesn't appeal. Even the cute bowls from Anthropologie didn't do it and they are cheap so I wouldn't have felt back buying them! But no, nothing. Even books didn't appeal. I honestly picked out a book, put it back. Picked out another. Wandered around...and put it back. It was so annoying. I'm sure the security people watching the film got a kick out of me doing this about 5 times. Then I just sat down in a plush chair and pulled out the book I had in my purse from the library ("Mortal Syntax" by June Casagrande. Yes, it's a book about correct grammar. It's sassy, it's enlightening, and I am learning that I am guilty of a few incorrect uses. Now I can prevent any further embarrassing grammatical mistakes (aka my mom correcting me in the middle of a story, which totally throws up my story-telling groove) and catch others on their mistakes...muahahahahahah!Gabe the Grammar Cop is on patrol!) Even internet shopping doesn't appeal. I say that because I found a few books I would have purchased but I have strong feelings that Barnes and Noble tends to overcharge and I can definitely get a better deal on 

It's been a bit of a weird 4-day weekend because the weather has been bi-polar. Today it was humid and warm but rainy so that severely limited my outdoor activities (aka all the plans I had for the day). But the rain lightened up this evening and as I was wandering around Market Commons in and out of shops I wished with all my heart I could have been wandering around a city (BOSTON) because the weather was perfect and it was the perfect day to do so: a week day! Most people are at work so you avoid those, at times, annoying weekend crowds and can roam and stroll at your leisure. Myrtle Beach severely lacks areas to just walk around. I guess I could try the boardwalk but that's just a glorified Hampton Beach. No thanks. Bust. My aching for Boston was heightened by a book I found at Barnes and Noble: "Make Way for Ducklings." It's a children's book (shocker for me, I know) that is set in Boston and the city actually has a statue dedicated to this book.  
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You see, I have a list of about 100 books that I am determined to read and/or own that are either set in New England, written by a New England author, or are somehow tightly connected to New England. This book is on the list and it was one of the books I picked up, carried around, and then put back. Anyway, I ached for Boston a little today. I miss Boston. Gosh I love that place. You don't even know. 

Then I got home and made dinner plans with some new friends on Friday. I cannot wait for Friday. And I made homemade popcorn, kettle corn this time. Pretty tasty but not kettle-corny enough. Also I spoke to one of my best guy friends yesterday--Britton--and I love this guy. Love him. And I talked to Clary today. THANK GOODNESS FOR FREAKIN' AWESOME FRIENDS!!!!! I love my friends. All of them. Big hugs to you all. I love ya. 

And the music choice of my weekend has been the soundtrack from Something's Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The movie is eh, ok, but the scenery is FANTASTIC and the music is INCREDIBLE. French, jazz, deliciousness for my ears and soul. Oooooooooh gosh on top of yearning for Boston, I was half-tempted to throw caution to the wind and buy a ticket to France. I even browsed the French language section at Barnes and Noble to brush up on my French. Go listen to the soundtrack, especially when you are driving or baking. It's great! 

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