Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Curiosity satiated. At least temporarily.

I rushed home as fast as I could and much to my dismay there was another sticky note on my door from the UPS man. BUT it was delivered next door!!!! Package delivered. THANK GOODNESS. 

So, I had my suspicions and I was RIGHT! My dear, dear, dear friend Lillian sent me a package with......


Dried pears are soooo good. Do you know how difficult it is to find dried pears in the grocery store? Nearly impossible. I have only ever been able to find them in fancy, shmancy grocery stores like Fresh Market, Trader Joes, etc. They are definitely one of my favorite treats ever. They are right up there with chocolate. Well, let's not get crazy. They are a few notches below chocolate, but I love dried pears (and chewy, dried strawberries) more than any dried fruit so imagine my eyeballs when I saw I had not one, not two, but three pounds of dried pears!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!! I popped them in my mouth like candy. In fact, I'm pretty sure I had about 6 (uh huh, or 8) of them. Delish. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU LILLIAN!!!! Gosh I love her. 

Next. Let's talk about shopping. I do not like shopping. I can handle 3-5 stores max, depending on their size. Three department stores and maybe 2 smaller stores on a really good day and then I'm done. My stamina and tolerance for shopping is very low. Even when I find things I like and get things for a rockin' deal, I just don't enjoy shopping. My technique is more get in, avoid eye contact with the people meeting and greeting and telling me about the deal which is advertised in HUGE, BOLD posters both in and outside the store, on flyers, and on TV, look around, and then get out and be done with it. If nothing captures my attention within the first few minutes of cruising through the store, forget it. 

It's basically the same with the grocery store except I'm actually much more susceptible because it's food we're talking here. Cereal, ice cream, chocolate, cheese, images of baking goodies playing in my head. You get the picture. Also, I have a technique for grocery shopping. Well, kind of. I prefer to go when there are as few people as possible. I had to grab a few items this evening and I decided to wait until 8pm. Beautiful. When I was at BYU, my roommate and best bud Shawna and I would go to Macey's at, oh, midnight, 1am, sometimes 2am. Macey's is, in my opinion, THE best grocery store ever. I have yet to find a grocery store that I like as much as I love Macey's and I've lived a lot of places and been to a lot of grocery stores. Oh Macey's, how I miss you, your set-up, fantastic prices, and deals. And King Kone. And fresh, perfectly baked baguettes. It was AWESOME. Anyway, I popped in, grabbed what I needed (aaaand a few things I had to have i.e. Oatmeal Square cereal, instant sugar-free chocolate pudding, and herb tea--more on this in a second) and was out. I even went to the self-check out lane. I mean business. 

Really my objective was to get some perishable groceries I had neglected to get a couple of weeks ago AND I had to get these:
That's right friends. Some friends and I are making three, read it, THREE kinds of rice crispy treats tomorrow and watching "Tangled." Have you seen that movie? If not, you must see it. Stat. It's one of my favorite animated movies. I am psyched. That's an understatement. I'm SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, let's chat about tea for a quick sec.
I went to the tea aisle. Objective: get herb tea. For the love. It took me, I kid you not, about 10 minutes to find the freakin' herb tea. I found HERB tea for every ache, pain, and situation possible and in every concoction and flavor. Then, I found GREEN tea for every ache, pain, and situation possible. Then black tea. It's a wonder I didn't find a love potion one, one to help me make a million dollars, and one to make me live for forever. Geez. Blueberry, peach zinger, tea sampler, chamoille, 5 different "sleepy time" ones, ones bursting with antioxidants, some for pain, stress. PEPPERMINT HERB TEA. That's all I wanted. I then found a sampler with it--getting warmer! And then finally behind some peach zingers I found my beloved. 
And, uh, somehow that Sleepytime Vanilla got into my cart. Well, uh, that tea is calling my name so I'm out. I'll let you know how it tastes! 

Song of the day: cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep," vocals by Amanda Scott and music by The Piano Guys. I'm really tired of this song so this was a nice way to bring it back into my good listening graces. Please listen/watch HERE (youtube). OR you could watch a SWEET cover of Coldplay's "Paradise" HERE. No really. Go check either or both out. Go! Gogo!

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