Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Bust

I'd like to tell you I had another fabulous weekend but, I didn't. It was actually a complete bust. Well, maybe not complete but nearly a complete bust.

I worked my first weekend and it was insanely busy. I'm nervous for the first weekend that I'm by myself without an experienced dietitian there to help me a long. Huh. But I acknowledge the fact that we were busting through patients because we both needed to be out by 1:45 and trying to see 26 patients between 3 people in really a space of 3 hours is not easy, but we did it. 

I headed up to Columbia this weekend with some friends for a conference thing. I'm not going into the details of the conference because I'm quick exhausted but needless to say I was less than impressed by the company I was in. Not the girls I went up with or the other girls we met up with and stayed with, but a substantially large number of people we interacted with were much less than impressive. It's baffling how people have forgotten simple manners and courtesy. I really am blown away by it. I think that's why I like older people better--and by that I mean those who are a generation or two older than me--because my generation and the generations following mine pretty much are generally, perhaps this generalization is unfair though not entirely untrue, inconsiderate, selfish punks. We make substantial progress in so many areas yet it shocks me how many other areas suffer. You know what gets real old? The stuck up snobby girl whose nose is so high up the air I can see all way to her brain and who dances like a slut because she things it's hot. It's not. It's sad and disgusting. All I could do was shake my head unimpressed and in embarrassment and disgust. And not to sound hypocritical, I love to dance to a good Flo Rida, Chris Brown, Usher, or Timbaland tune as much as the next person and to shake what my momma gave me but please, I know the limits before it becomes straight up nasty and suggestive. Plus, that kind of dancing was haaardly appropriate for the conservative environment we were in. You know what also gets old? Guys who really have no idea how to treat woman and I mean at a very basic level of common respect and courtesy. I think that if perhaps more moms and sisters threatened their sons and brothers that why I did with my brothers, that if I ever heard they had been disrespectful or unkind in any way to a woman they would assuredly endure the wrath of their sister, the world may be a slightly better place :) Just sayin'.And there was a super, wicked, incredibly lame dance and the DJ suuuuuuuucked. Next time, that is IF there is a next time, I'm kidnapping the DJ, duct-taping him to the wall of the utility closet and taking over. I mean really, it's not that hard to do. If no one is dancing, clearly the song sucks and you should switch. And limit your techno remixes to 2 the entire dance.

And Columbia, at least the parts I saw were uuuuuuuuuugly. The drive up was ugly. The drive back was ugly. Shacks, nasty mobile homes, run down homes and neighborhoods, dirty streets. It was depressing. It was gloomy. And I swear if I see another freaking sign for all you can eat chicken and biscuits or fried whatever, I'm going to freak. All I wanted to do was be in New England. Not that New England doesn't have sketchy streets and neighborhoods, but at least the main roads I drove were prettier. The neighborhoods filled with old homes, antique stores, Ma and Pop country stores, villages with history just oozing from it. It's delightful. Oh, I was hoping to be able to go home this weekend since I have Friday and Monday off but that's a negative. Flights are too expensive. Bust. 

Here's to a new week and hopefully a better upcoming weekend. 

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