Sunday, February 12, 2012


You know what's empowering? Trust. Especially when it's from someone who you admire, fear, and have tremendous amounts of respect for. I'm feeling empowered.

This coming week promises to be excellent: Valentine's Day-I'll tell you about my favorite Valentine's Day date ever; Rice Crispy Treat Thursday-the original recipe, chocolate peanut butter rice crispy treats, and chocolate frosted rice crispy treats. Oh, and we're watching one of my all-time favorite flicks: Tangled. That will be a fabulous day. Have I ever told you how much I love rice crispy treats? I could eat an entire pan by myself. Yup, I love 'em!!!! Saturday-working my first weekend and then heading to Columbia for Saturday/Sunday with some friends. Should be grand. Yay!!!
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Off to watch the Grammy's. RIP Whitney Houston. What a loss. One of my favorite songs of her's was "Who Could Imagine?" My mom did a duet with my youngest brother years ago at church and I have always loved that song.

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Jessica & Thomas said...

Oh Gabe, I just HAD to leave a comment b/c this reminded me of how you would always get your Rice Crispy Treats at the Cannon. Good times!

P.S. I know it's been a while, but yes, I still blog-stalk you. :) Hope SC is treating you well!

P.P.S. How did those strawberries turn out? They sounded delicious.