Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whatta Day!

Today was great. I slept in and then had a lazy morning reading in bed. Then I had a lunch date with my dear friend Lisa. We went to Bubba's Love Shack in Murrells Inlet right on the water. It was awesome. Yummy food (! Mmm! Mmm!), fun company, and a great view. (I forgot my camera, thank you Google!)
After lunch we walked the marsh walk and we saw all sorts of wonderful wildlife: egrets, peacocks, huge pelicans, seagulls (eh, not that exciting), oysters (I've been forewarned of the dangers of walking on oyster beds!), and loons. It was really neat. Lisa told me of a ton of cool places to check out and told me some really cool fun facts. Did you know they have oyster recycling places here? They recycle the oyster shells so that the oysters don't have to make their own shells. COOL HUH!???! I thought so! And there's a legit pier in Garden City that I have determined I am going to walk on when it gets warmer. It actually feels like winter now. Bummer. Good times though!!!

Then. I had decided I was going to see "The Vow" but I was running a tad late to the movie theatre, which is in Market Commons, so I decided I would go to the next showing at 4:50 and would walk around and probably end up in Barnes and Noble reading. Well, I went into Banana Republic and actually found some shirts that didn't look cheap and fit really nicely! My first Banana Republic purchase! I even found a snazzy purple shirt to wear when I go out on the town. I debated if I should buy it though because when do I actually ever "go out on the town?" I don't. Not yet anyway. So I texted Clary to get her input if I should get it and she assured me I should (the price alone was a steal!) and that when she came to visit and when I visit Tucson we'll put the snazzy shirt to use. Excellent! THEN, I wondered into Anthropologie, just because, and found these:

More bowls!!! Ice cream bowls and more cereal bowls!

Cute aren't they?

Don't they look cool with my dishes? 
Next I'm going to get some blue ones

But you know, if you're going to have ice cream bowls, you should probably have ice cream right? I thought so. So, I went into the grocery store and then I stumbled upon a baguette (YUM! Did I mention that I could live off of bread alone? I could.) and strawberries for a steal-of-a-price. 

And then I wondered over the ice cream section and low and behold they had my favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream: Phish Food. I almost bought it but, I just wasn't feeling ice cream. I know! Weird right?????? I don't know what's wrong with me but I just didn't want ice cream. Instead, I decided I was going to try a recipe I found on Pinterest: chewy, dried strawberries in the oven. All you do is cut them in halves or quarters, pop 'em in the oven at 210 degrees and bake them for 3 hours. 

So, we'll see how it goes when they come out of the oven. Only t-minus 2 hours and 15 minutes to go! Oh, "The Vow" was cute. Not my favorite, but cute. 

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