Friday, February 10, 2012

Holy Packages Batman!

I love getting packages. 
Sometimes I think that's why I shop online....because of the anticipation of a package!!!!
This package was expected because my mom told me she was sending it with my LBD (little black dress...yay!!!) AND real vanilla and perfume (I love hand-me-down perfumes from my mom!) and some mail (bills and boring work stuff, bummer).

AND ginormous cookies. The size of my hand.

DELICIOUS to the last bite. Look at how thick that guy is!!! Chewy, meaty, and ooooooooooooooh so yummy. Yes, I ate one. Immediately. 
So good. SO, SO, SO good.

Do you ever have moments where you think of something and start giggling aloud, sometimes uncontrollably, maybe even when you are alone? I do. All of the time. In my apt, in my car, in my office, walking somewhere. I enjoy it. I like laughing, what can I say? Well, today was no exception. Story time...

Let's back track for a quick sec. Back in my intern days, I went to see a patient who was very hard of hearing. VERY. Immediately I associate this with a tad bit of awkwardness because that means I have to yell my questions and you know, sometimes I have to ask some rather uncomfortable questions (mostly about bowel so the thought of having to YELL it is not very thrilling. And---sorry I'm busting up just typing this---I remember yelling, "SO, I HEAR YOU LIKE LIME JELLO??," and so the patient and I had a yelling discussion about this. It was awkward especially since when I came out of the room, one of the other interns, Caitlin, was sitting down the hall and proceeded to text page me, "SO, I HEAR YOU LIKE LIME JELLO?" It's been quite the joke ever since and even a year later, I still laugh aloud about it. Caitlin does too. I texted her about it today because I went to see a darling 89-year old woman today who is very hard of hearing and yup, I had to YELL RIGHT IN HER EAR. She was sassy and feisty and I loved it. Fortunately I didn't have to yell at her to ask her about her bowels; she told me all about it on her own. Old people love to talk about that stuff, well, at least most of my patients do. It's true. Seriously. Anyway. I'm pretty sure the entire floor heard our conversation, which was actually quite funny but I couldn't help but think of my lime jello lady back in Tucson and bust up laughing sporadically, all day. Good times.

Story #2. I speak French, sort of. I have a patient who, when he found out I spoke French, starting speaking in French to me. It was cool and super sweet but, he just had a stroke so his speech is a tad slurred and what it amounted to was me getting a shower of spit in the face. And don't worry, his sister was sitting there so I couldn't exactly start wiping it away because I didn't want to make him feel bad. But I also had to try very hard not to start laughing because I'm sure anyone looking over at us (we were in the dining room waiting for his lunch) would have probably starting giggling watching the rookie dietitian getting spit in the face trying to understand and reply in French. Ah, good times. Good times. I love my job. And, I love old people (I don't care if that's PC, if you're old, you're old. Embrace it. Indulge in it. And use it to your advantage! Hello!, discounts everywhere and electric carts at the grocery store! I have to break my femur to use those!!!). I didn't think I'd enjoy the geriatric population, but I do. I love 'em.

Happy Friday!!!

P.S. In remorseful news, remember how I told you I was going on my first business trip to Atlanta? Yeah ok, not thrilled about it anymore. It's the blimey same weekend that I was going to Utah to see my friend Dan, who got us tickets to the Jazz-Kings game to see Jimmer play. I'm TICKED. And CRUSHED. CRUSHED!!!! Utah...vacation...old Need I say more?!?! But Dan and I have decided I will just have to come to Utah later this year in which case we will do something cool in UT and then road trip to San Fran. I'm PUMPED!!!!!

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