Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snack Time, er, Staffing Time

I decided to bring some of those homemade choc chip cookie dough PB cups (that name is really long...) to staffing today. So I set them out on the table and Dr. W dove right in and had one. He liked them. But for the love of chocolate the rest of the staff would wistfully eye the treats and, amused (and might I say I felt a little devilish, a tempter) I watched their self-control break down minute by minute. 

First they would walk in and exclaim, "Ooooh! What are these?" Dr W. would tell them. Now, if it were me, I'd snatch one up and pop it right in my mouth. Much to my delight a few did. Most declined. At first. Then they would eye them and watch a few other people eat them and lick the melted chocolate and peanut butter off their fingers. And then, slowly but surely they would shyly grab one. A few people declined completely. Their loss!!! They were a hit. Maybe I'll make a name for myself here in Myrtle Beach via my baking and treats! I should bake for the 3W nurses. Butter them up a little (ha! No pun intended...). I don't think they like me. Sad day. They scare me. 

I did not make homemade gnocchi this evening but I plan to this week. Instead, I have an activity, staffing on Thursday, and a birthday to bake for so I will be baking up a storm this week. Tonight: the oatmeal chocolate chip/butterscotch chip banana cookies (and yes, for these I do some substitutions to make them a little "healthier"). Yum! My apartment smells divine.

Now, if you'll excuse me...I am off to finish "Sarah's Key." I got lost in the book yesterday and nearly finished it but around midnight (!!!!! I couldn't believe it...). I had to put it down and force myself to get to bed. It's a must-read. Add it to your list. 

Oh. And. And I'm currently lovin' Sara Bareilles, Rob Thomas, (if you didn't notice from my playlist) and the new Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa song. Love music. Love yoga. Love baking. Love reading. Love my new waxed, cleaned, and vacuumed car (after a very unfortunate Saturday night where a drunk person vomited on the side of my car. NOT COOL.) Life is lookin' up. Feeling much better than I have in a bit. This is good. Very good. 


Sarah said...

I want those. I may have to use your recipe and try them very very soon.

Gabe said...

I highly recommend it!