Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Latest

My green thumb has been throbbing so I added to my little balcony "garden"...
Lavender, basil (going very well I might add!), and chocolate mint. I love how fragrant each plant is. Basically I bury my face in each plant everyday for a little aromatherapy. It's fabulous. 

I've done a little "spring cleaning" by trying to get rid of the rust from my beach cruiser. Trying would be the key word there. I've made some fantastic progress but there are still some spots. I guess I should just break down and buy rust remover shouldn't I? I pumped up the tires and was ready to cruise around the neighborhood a few days ago when it started raining. It hasn't really stopped but I'm not complaining. I like the rain and overcast sky and it cools things off a little. Now the tornado warnings I'm not a huge fan of...

I watched "Something Borrowed" and was reminded once again how much I like Ginnifer Goodwin and how adorable John Krasinski is. Then I became smitten by Colin Egglesfield. Smitten I tell you. 
(Except -1,000 man points for starring in a daytime soap opera...slight gag. But he's still swoon-worthy so swoon I shall. Watch it Dermot Mulroney...you've got some competition for my affection).  
John Krasinski and Colin Egglesfield - "Something Borrowed" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

And I've discovered how much I like Maroon 5. I'm always slow to pick up on the trends, mostly because I'm skeptical: skinny jeans, Toms, Vans, music, etc. I know Maroon 5 has been around for some time and I have a few of their hits in my iTunes but I decided to really check them out. They've got some good stuff! I'm currently loving "Stutter" from their "Hands All Over" abum. Great beat. And let's just be brutally honest for a second, Adam Levine is pretty fine. 

Clary, one of my best friends in the whole entire world, will be here in 1 week and 2 days. Basically I might implode from excitement. 

And, in a month or so I will have a furry kid. 
Scotty, our darling miniature Schnauzer will be joining me in Myrtle Beach (temporarily...for about a year)! I'm kind of nervous. He will be my responsibility entirely. My furry kid. I cannot even tell you how excited I am. I absolutely love this little guy!!!! 


helena said...

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Shannon Gish said...

Gabe, I can hear your wonderful voice each time I read your posts and can't WAIT for you to be back here in June. (P.S. Love the bike!)

A-Kap said...

Ditto on all that Shannon said. Basically on everything she says, but definitely on what she said above. ;-)

GP said...

Pineapple sage. You'll LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

You like correct grammar and you liked "Something Borrowed," so I'm curious if you noticed when Ginnifer Goodwin's character corrected Kate Hudson's character's grammar. The only problem was that the way Kate said it was right, and the correction was WRONG. It was something like this ... "You're better at this than me." GG said it should be "better than I." No!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed. I just checked a couple grammar sites and realize that I was wrong about the grammar comment I just made. Apparently, she was right. However, there is some controversy about that particular grammar rule. For the purpose of the movie, I wish they had used a more common grammatical mistake that is obviously wrong.