Friday, August 31, 2012

My day in pictures and stories

This post may be all over the place because that's kind of how my mind and my day has been today.

For starters I'm pleased to tell you the cookies I mentioned from the last post actually came out pretty well. Just don't eat them fresh out of the oven (which I don't like doing anyways. Hot cookies? Yuck.). I substituted half the butter with Greek yogurt (one of my favorite substitutions) and the peanut butter with PB2. The PB2 isn't as sweet as regular peanut butter so the cookies, therefore, weren't as sweet as I've known them to be. It's not bad, just different. I ended up adding about 1/4 cup of regular smooth peanut butter to the last 2-3 batches and those ones tasted better. Anyway, the staff liked them a lot. And they were healthier. And soft. And moist. Yum. Score!

Now yesterday I came home from work and fell asleep for about 50 minutes and woke up to my neighbor's obnoxious chihuahua barking. And not just freaking out barking but he would bark three times and pause for 2 minutes and bark three times. I wanted to kill him because a) it was annoying as ever and b) caused my dog to whine, whimper, growl, and bark as he ran around my apartment in frustration. Grrr......So I walked outside to make sure everything was ok and I think my neighbor and his girl were arguing. Ooooh a little drama next door! (Maybe?) After about 40 minutes the stupid dog stopped. I was NOT happy. And I think I got overheated when I was napping so I felt sick. Sad day. And I really wanted bread but I didn't have any, at least none that I wanted. I wanted french bread. 

So. I showered, felt better, and then made some bread. 3 hours later (@ 11:45pm), voila!, I had bread.
YUM. French bread=a very happy Gabe

When I was in college my roommate Emily (hi Emily!) had this great conditioner that made her hair look and smell AH-mazing: Matrix Sleek and Shine. So I tried it and I loved it and then for whatever reason I decided to move on to a different brand. I think I'm always looking for the brand that makes me hair look, smell, and feel amazing. Well, years later after being unsatisfied with most of the products I've tried, I one day had the brilliant idea to go back to this brand because so far, it's been the best. Well, this stuff is hard to find. 
No matter.
Amazon has everything AND I got shampoo and conditioner for the price of one. Score! 
And they arrived today. Good thing because when I washed my hair last night, I was sad. My conditioner is almost gone and I don't like my shampoo and my hair needs some TLC. 

Next. I checked my mail today and almost threw this out. 
What's this?. Another frozen yogurt place near me that I have a 50% coupon to and just have to go try?  Well darn... 

Then I went to yoga. I love Fridays because it's my yoga day and I think it's a swell way to end the work week. I had a really hard time concentrating tonight. I couldn't focus on anything, I found myself forgetting to breathe properly, and my quads are aching and I don't know why. It was a great practice but geez it was hard mentally. You see I was thinking about Clary and Drew and Noah today and how I can't wait to see them hopefully in the near future. And....

I met with my manager today because I've decided we need to revamp our patient menu and include more gluten free stuff so I pitched a few ideas to her. I'm excited. She's letting my take the reins on this. BUT she decided to take the time to go over my goals since our annual reviews are coming up (....).  Apparently she thought I hadn't met one of my goals, which technically was ok (according to her) since I can still play the "I'm-a-new-dietitian" card (muahahah). The goal is to do an activity each month with the rehab patients I work with on one of the floors. Little did she know I had completed my goal. Apparently I am supposed to tell her every month when I do this. I couldn't tell if she was surprised that I had done it and not mentioned anything to her or if she was slightly annoyed that I had done it and not mentioned anything to her. I didn't realize I was supposed to make a big deal out of it. Once again my independent nature works against me. Curses.

So that whole incident was playing through my mind. I don't know if I feel embarrassed, sheepish, or stupid. Either way, I did what I was asked so lesson learned. Be more vocal. (Still feel stupid).

So after yoga I decided to hit up World Market to browse and pick up some Ghiradelli chocolate chips because I am sick and tired of having to use low quality chocolate chips in my baking!!! NO MORE. Two bags of 36oz. Ghiradelli chocolate chips later and I am a happy woman. And so is my chocolate chip jar. 

As I was browsing I stumbled upon a few things I just had to have: 

*The Republic of Tea's Apple Cider Tea
*Zhen'as Gypsy Tea's Firelight Chai Herbal Red Tea (which I am sipping on now with a dash of milk and 2 packets of sweetener. Its' goooooood)
*THE BEST chocolate chips (one bag 60% cacao and one bag semi-sweet. Hallelujah!)
*Maple leaf cookie cutter

If you couldn't tell...
I am SO ready for fall.

I have decided that I have created a fall challenge for myself: make a fall-themed meal and dessert every weekend. Bring on the pumpkin, butternut squash, and apples (Macintosh please!!!), among other delicious things. 

Jeepers I can't wait for fall. Too bad tomorrow it's supposed to be 91. Gross.

And tomorrow is September 1st. My birth month. Let the month long celebrating begin!!!!
(The month long celebration idea started in college with my dear friend Shawna who celebrates her birthday the entire month. Brilliant! So I have adopted this practice and let me tell you, I am a fan). 


emily said...

Haha Gabe! I didn't even know you loved that hair stuff so much. I am glad you found it and I hope it works wonders!

The Gobbles said...

Yay for birth months! Happy Birth month! Also we still need to catch up soon when is a good time for you?? I need some more Gabe time in my life.